A Birthday Away from Home is the fifth episode of Season 3.


It's Lincoln's birthday, so the girls and the tribe want to give him the best party in his life.


In a regular morning Lincoln is checking his watch (brought from Royal Woods). This suddenly frozes. Lincoln goes with Lisa to make her repair his watch.

When Lincoln leaved, Lisa noticed the date: October 15 (the three-parter not specified the date where the Louds were deported). She runned to advice to the others, because that day was Lincoln's birthday.

The tribe asked what is a birthday -because they don't have time-sense-. The girls answered that a birthday is a day when you receive a cake, much gifts, and congrats from your relatives.

The tribe helped the Loud sisters to install a party inside the tent. They made decoration with wood sticks and leaves. Also they tried to inflate some ballons made with frogs. Lana inflated them -because she was the one that have a like for dirtyness-, hoping they still alive and not pop at the party.

The next thing was bake a cake. They found some coconuts and bananas. They chopped, mixed, and baked (in a stone oven powered by coal). Three hours later, the cake was done. They used a small stick to act as candle. Now it was only to wait Lincoln come.

The lighthole was covered to leave the room in dark. Lola heard steps, it was Lincoln coming from the town. When he entered, the lighthole was uncovered, revealing all the gifts, cake, and balloons; but over all, his family receiving him on his birthday.

At first Lincoln was confused. Lisa told him it was October 15, the date of his birthday. He turned 14 that year. At the end everyone posed for a photo.


  • In the English version, Sean Ryan Fox returns as the voice of Lincoln from here onwards. Collin Dean did his voice for the pilot, and Grant Palmer up the previous episode.
  • If you're asking how the coal was there, let me explain you. Near the town there's a cave (the same from before) that has supplies of coal. They bought 30 lbs.
  • Sorry for the long wait, it was because I had trouble writing this episode, including lack of time, lack of ideas, and lack of lacks.
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