Amnesia-Loud is the twenty-sixth episode of season 2.


Lincoln is hit on the head, and doesn't remember anything.


The episode starts like a parody to the Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons. Lincoln is being chased by an unknown person. Lincoln hides inside a building. There's a tall space between the floor and the roof. (Ironically) There was a hanging safebox with a piano that has an anvil on it. Suddenly, the person cuts the rope. Lincoln, after seeing the safebox falling, goes outside, buys an umbrella, goes back inside, and gets crushed (very slapstick yet?).

Some hours later, Lincoln awakes at the house. He asks who is him. Lisa says to the sisters that is a temporal memory loss. Altough this case is not a temporal memory loss. This is a permanent memory loss (like in the finale of Gravity Falls. Read it yourself, don't be lazy).

As Lincoln doesn't remembers anything, Lola suggests modify him to adapt better to their life. Eight of the sisters agree, and start modeling Lincoln to change his usual things that he did when he had memory, to things that the sisters like.

But this changes when Clyde comes to the home to visit Lincoln. He is shocked when he sees him, totally modified. He asks the sisters why he's not doing his usual antics. After too much lies, they finally decide to say the truth. They altered him to be a 'better' brother. Fortunately, Clyde bringed a DVD with Lincoln's best moments. Lincoln reminded all that things. He had recovered his memory and personality. So he started to challenge the sisters to change personality for one day.


  • This was the third episode Michael supposed to write. The other two were Dude, That's My Body, and Normal Kid. The first written by Pablo Solis, and the latter by RZF25.
  • Lincoln getting his memory lost, in part was inspired by the final episode of Gravity Falls.
  • The first minutes from the episode can be a reference from Get Loud!, when Lincoln is 'chased' by an unknown person.
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