Assistant Day is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 2.


The Louds get different jobs to buy a very special gift.


It's the anniversary of the Loud parents, so Lincoln and his sisters, wanted a work for winning money, and buy a big special gift.

First, Lincoln with help of Clyde, work in a limonate post. He wins $10, but a crazy people what change a "heat kicked", run over the post, causing all is destroyed.

Next, Leni looks in a post of balloons. She wins $10 for very kids, what are happy with Leni, but she gets crushed when the kids want more balloons.

Later, Luna works in a music stand. She wins $20, but when Luna looks to Mick Swagger, he runs, just for go up in his helicopter.

Luan works as a prankster in a hospital for kids, and wins $50, but all laugh very, very loud, so she runs out of the hospital (get it? Loud, runs away from loud noises).

Lana works in a frog shop. All of her friends buy one, but for accident, she sells her frog, Hops. So runs to catch the friend what bought Hops.

Lisa works as a teacher to babies from 1-2 years. She wins more of $100. The fathers are very happy with Lisa, but the babies start attacking her.

And last, Lily works in a kiss stand. She wins (yes), $1000, so the Loud kids can buy a very special gift, that was a...giant cake with images from Loud kids and his parents.

The episode end with all embracing one for one.


  • Lori, Lucy,Lola and Lynn are the only sisters that are not showed doing their works, but is rumored that Lori works in a phone post, Lucy in a poem shop that contains books with her poems,Lola in a model fotographies session and Lynn in a deportive shop.
  • Scenes of the episodes was used in the posterior episode, Lincoln's Book.
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