Sabores exóticos es el séptimo y el último episodio de la temporada 3


The Louds try to get the tribe better food than they have.


The episode begins with the Louds, visiting the tribe (if you look at this episode, you can know why (obviously after the incendium)) to drink the original "mates" from Argentina. The Louds look the food of the tribe, and the Louds think they need better food, so the Louds sleep in the tribe's house.

The following day, the Louds give the tribe the news that they will make the first official "search for food", so the tribe decides to go with the Louds from different parts.

We start with Lincoln and Frank, who are looking for "tropical fruits" on the island. Lincoln tells Frank that there is nothing more delicious for when you are on an island, than tropical fruits, so they make a basket based on branches, and both find fruits such as blackberries, apples, pineapples, oranges, bananas and more bananas.

Now we go to Luna, Bluna, Luan and Gluan, who with the help of Lisa and Visa (remember, not your credit card) a conveyor machine like those of the gold mines, and also make routes around the island. They find fungi that, again, with the help of Lisa and Visa, verify that they are edible. Accidentally, they were in the conveyor, and they push Lincoln and the fruits fall on top of him, making him look like Carmen Miranda and starts singing "Mama Yo Quiero".

Now we go to Lily and Mily (yes) collecting mints and making pacifiers with help from Lori, Wendy, Leni and Mary.

Lynn, Wynn, Brucy and Lucy also remember the cow of this episode, and milk the cow, to get some drink (not everything is food).

We also see how Lana and Lola with Brana and Nolla find a little laurel, a plant that serves to make a very tasty sauce called "tuco"

Lincoln and Frank finish picking fallen fruits, and put them in the baskets, suddenly a carnivore plant appears and bites Lincoln's butt, causing him to yell and throw the box to the sky, causing all the fruits to fall In the head and leaving a mark.

  At night, they set fire to light and all gathered what they got and they share the food, Lincoln says "This is the best dinner I've had", ending the episode.


The New Loud House
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