Flying Out of the Nest is the twelfth episode of Season 5.


Lori decides to leave the house to go to college.


It's Lori's final year of high school. And here we insert all that emotions that the typical teenagers feel about "I'm not going to see you again!" "I don't know what the hell do with my life", blah, blah, blah. Returning to the point, Lori is investigating all things related to the city's college.

When the schoolyear ends -and after a long summer vacation period-, the classes resume in September. So Lori gives the cliché speech of "This isn't a goodbye, it's a see ya later". As I said about ten times in this season, Leni's head hit implied a personality change, so she wasn't too affected by the leaving.

Once Lori crosses the door, it feels all will be different. She rides up the bus (because Vanzilla isn't only hers), she goes to the city. Once she arrives, it starts the second phase. Rent an apartment. It won't be too difficult, because she has where Bobby and his family live. Phase 3. Walk around mined space.

Before leaving, Lincoln teached Lori to diferentiate good people of bad one. Lori used this to her advantage. At first sight Lori could see it was an enormous variety of (skin) races in that institution. The tour guide explaines to the freshmen, that the school is recognized at continental level for allowing a discrimination-free environment. A little farther away, Lori sees a girl who's crying in a corner. At seeing at the sides, the people walked away from her. She desides to proceed. Lori presents herself with the girl, who asks her to leave. Lori insists she doesn't have fears. The girl comes closer, revealing she has a third leg, who is supposed to be a conjoined twin who never got developed. Lori invites the girl to the first class. The girl (who presents herself as Vivian), with much confidence, accepts the invitation.

Meanwhile in the house, the rest of the siblings were proud of Lori, for having completed an step on her life. But now she's absent, who will take care of the house when the parents leave. You'll know in the next episode.

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