Lemy Loud is the incestuous son of Lincoln Loud and his older sister Luna Loud. Being one of Lincoln's sons he is considered to be the most troublesome, but he's a good kid when he needs to be.


Like his mother he has an appreciation for all types of music his favorite being metal and rock, he can be a little hardheaded and quick to anger if insulted about his headband, but he is a kind soul that will look out for his family even if they ignore him from time to time.

He has a very strong sense of what is right even if it is distorted by his personality, to the point that he is harmed many times more by his own way of dealing with the problems he faces than a real evil of the people around him.


Lemy generally wears shirts from his mother's band. But aside from that, he always wears a sleeveless Jean Jacket and a bandanna that he hasn't replaced in years.


Gloom Loud


Big Hug

Lemy and Gloom have more of a brother and sister relationship (Ironically) whenever Lemy gets in a fight. Gloom will always be there to tend to his injuries they would fool around from time to time, but that soon became rare when Gloom started to date his brother, Lyle




A Member of the Cookie Cartel and his sister's muscles, Gwen has a major crush on Lemy and became his main lover, that is until Lemy decided to end on good terms with her and lets her move one with his younger brother BJ but they do tend to spend time with each other sometimes.

Lyra Loud

Lyra Loud

Lyra is Lemy's older sister and is the one of all of their siblings to fully understand Lemy's mind. Since they have been together since birth these two share a stronger bond then most of the siblings. Lyra would make love to Lemy on very rare occasions, opting to stick her reglious beliefs but every so often she would fall to her sinful lust and (hopefully) Lemy would be there to help her. Due to her responsible nature, she treats him in the same way as any of her siblings/cousins the rest of the time (especially if she is in charge of the house)

Loan Loud

Loan loud commission by trillhouselh dcdwex0-pre

Here the relationship is the opposite that in the case of Lyra: Lemy is willing (and happy) to help Loan in anything that improves her fragile mood. In her side, she has a known tendency to /ss/ (straight shota), probably inherited from her mother, so their relationship can be described as a series of casual encounters usually after one or two videogames and before comforting talks.

Lupa Loud


Interestingly, their relationship is both the most open and the most lasting. They get along very well outside and inside the bed, but while Lemy constantly doubt about calling love what he feels for his sister, Lupa reduces everything to sex and mutual understanding, things in wich she considers her brother the best of her lovers (this depends on the HC, because Lupa in many cases is portrayed with an obsession mixed with cynism toward her father, feelings that frequently collide against the attraction to Lemy).



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