Lincoln Leaves?! is the first episode of Season 1.


Lincoln gets tired of his sisters, so in the night, he escapes from the house


One morning, Lincoln, is constantly annoyed from his sisters. Stressed and tired, Lincoln waits until all of them are asleep to escape the house. Walking quietly, he goes to the kitchen and takes some food, drinks, and fills the pets plates. After having all his provitions packed in a camping bag, he turns on a flashlight and continues his way through  the back door, not before of leaving a sticky note indicating he leaved.

Some time later after Lincoln leaved the house, the sisters start a quest for him. First they search in the places where he often goes: The arcade, the school, such other places. When they already searched in all the city, with no notice of Lincoln, the girls decide to go far the city, some examples where the girls tried to found him include (in that order) the beach, neighbor cities, and the airport. Almost given up, the girls choose to go to the forest. With 7 (1/2) of them given up, the other 2 continue searching for Lincoln, until they find him sitting on a rock. When he explained why he wanted to go away, the pair understand the reasons, he also needs a moment of lonely. The pair goes to advice the other sisters that they found Lincoln, some of them are glad, other are confused. When Lincoln explains (again) why he leaved, the girls accept it. And now is time to go home, only there's a problem, they are LOST.


  • The final scene when the sisters are lost was used in the second season episode,Lincoln's Book.

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