Lincoln Loud once again returns as the main protagonist in The Lincoln Show


Lincoln is older in The Lincoln show than in The Loud House. He is now 37 years old and now likes to dress up in a fancy style.


Lincoln looks very different tan in The Loud House. He is taller, has thicker eyebrows (which are white) and his white hair is longer. His clothing is completely different than in The Loud House, too: He now wears a black suit, a red bowtie, a monocle on his right eye and a black hat. His eyes have now a visible iris, revealing his eye color. He is smoking a pipe, too.


Lincoln seems to be more serious and smarter than in The Loud House. Interesgly, he doesn't care about her family's deaths by now on.



  • [[Burn My Hat Up]: Burned by various candles.

List of Lincoln's holy quotes in The Lincoln Show

Lincoln haves famous quotes in The Lincoln Show that start with the holy word. There's a list of all of them:

Season 1

  • Holy glasses inside boxes! (in the pilot)
  • Holy Lucas killed Clyde! (in Pizza is an Insult)

Season 2

  • Holy gore comedy! (in Violent Comedy)
  • Holy Milo Murphy, something else? (in Milo Murphy is Weird)
  • Holy Zack Underwood, strange... (in Milo Murphy is Weird)
  • Holy Melissa Chase, I hate her... (in Milo Murphy is Weird)


  • Lincoln has a better life than in The Loud House.
  • Unlike in The Loud House, he insults or swears very frequent.