Lincoln Time is the 4th episode of The Marvelous Adventures of Luna and Luan.


Looking for someone to hang out with on a boring day, Luna and Luan try to get Lincoln's attention.


Saturday morning, Luna and Luan have no plans and have nothing to do. Both try to entertain each other, but are tired of the other's routine and remain bored. They then see that Lincoln has nothing to do, and they want to hang out with him. Lincoln on the other hand, wants to read his Muscle Fish comics. Luna and Luan ask him if he wants to, he says he's flattered , but would rather read.

Luna and Luan leave his room, but refuse to take no for an answer. So they go taking turns trying to get Lincoln to hang out with them, but to no avail. Out of desperation, they result to taking his comics until he hangs out with them. It works, and the 3 of them have an amazing day. Lincoln then thanks them for a great day, and they give him his comics to read.

Sunday morning comes, and Luna and Luan see Lincoln unable to read because his other 8 sisters are harassing him, feeling bad, Luna and Luan decide to give Lincoln his Saturday back, and they tell the sisters to ask them about their problems. Lincoln thanks them, and then proceeds to read his comic, ending the episode.