Lisa Loud is Linka Loud's four-year-old child prodigy sister in the crossover series, Sailor Link. She is the reincarnation of Ami Mizuno. She was revealed to be Sailor Mercury in the episode "More Than One Senshi? Lisa is Sailor Mercury!".


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Though the second-youngest of the Louds, Lisa is a child prodigy, so she's the smartest kid in the bunch. Because of this, she often tends to be egocentric and sarcastic with other people. She speaks with a lateral lisp, and usually has a stoic frown, though she does smile from time to time.

Sailor Mercury

Being the reincarnation of Ami Mizuno, Lisa inherits her ability to transform into Sailor Mercury.

In the transformation, she wears a golden tiara on her forehead with a gem in the center. Her traditional clothing is replaced with a sailor suit with blue hues. She can transform her glasses into a clear dark blue visor at will.

She is able to use water-based abilities including, but not limited to, Mercury Aqua Mist and Shine Aqua Illusion.

Abilities and Tools

  • Intelligence- Lisa's intelligence is beyond that of a normal four-year-old and even most adults.
  • Transformation Pen- A magical pen received from Luna. It has the planetary symbol for Mercury on its cap which, due to her high intelligence, Lisa was able to identify immediately. If Lisa says the code phrase "Mercury Power!" while holding up the pen, she will transform into her Sailor Mercury form.
  • Glasses Switch- In her Sailor Mercury form, Lisa can tap her glasses to transform them into her visor at will.
  • Mercury Aqua Mist- In her Sailor Mercury form, Lisa can release a spray of mist from her hands to make herself harder to find.
  • Shine Aqua Illusion- In her Sailor Mercury form, Lisa can release a barrage of bubbles from her hands at enemies.
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