Whatever happened to her has left the girl secluded in her room, afraid to talk to people she doesn't know or even go outside her own house. Loan suffers from several issues that keep her from the outside world. But it varies from person to person what the issue is. Loan lived a childhood always being overprotected by her mother Lori following a major event. Because of this she wouldn't go outside of the house or interact with other kids of her age, which caused her anxiety, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Paranoia.


Loan's major motivation to liking others is them acknowledging her existence, and from there, you're in good favor with her. On the rare occasions where Loan's anger overpowers her nice nature and various issues, she is downright terrifying. At first she never wants to leave home, but in recent stories, she's shown to be more willing over time. Either going outside of her room or even stepping out of the house if someone is able to drag her outside (though some of them also involve her running away from her mother). She can be considered an Otaku

  • She watches anime/hentai & read manga
  • Read novel's/fanfiction 
  • Plays Various video games
  • Enjoys Shotacon (Espicaly when its her brothers)


Due to her being a shut-in she rarely needs to keep up her appearance, she is mainly drawn wearing a brown and blue sweater and sweatpants.  


Lori Loud 

Older Lori

Lori Loud

Loan loves her mother but at the same time she tries to avoid her thinking that Lori see her as a failure, but she knows she loves her 

Their relationship, depending on the artist/writer, can vary from abusive or overprotective.                        

Lincoln Loud 

Older Lincoln
For most of her life she didn't know that Lincoln was her father and treated him only as a nice and distant uncle, but through a strange set of circumstances she found herself at his doorstep, since then Lincoln took the news as best as and tries this best to be the best father he can be to his estrange daughter.

She would often help her father with his drawings when he's busy either with the girls or at most times overworked. 

Like his other kids, Lincoln shows mutual love for her not favoring her but also not ignoring her when she needs attention, rare as it is. It can be said that he is the only person in the house with whom, under normal circumstances, she can have a long conversation effortlessly.   

Bobby Jr. 

At first Bobby was very distant to his half-sister, due to his own shy nature but over time two got very close bonding over similar tastes. 

At some point Loan developed a crush on the premature tween and would have relations from time to time, much to his mother dismay. 


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