Locked In is the seventh episode of Season 1.


The Loud siblings get locked in the bathroom, and Lily is their only way out. 


In a typical raw, the siblings got inside the bathroom (The Sweet Spot) but when Leni's foot hits the door lock, and Lola's hand pushes the key below the door, they are trapped inside the bathroom, at first they only look at the others, trying to calm down from the fight, but when Lincoln tries to open the door, all are surprised of this being locked. But instead of fight and argue (again), this time try to work together (It's a Loud (x4) House). First try the Leni's hair 'keys', but the lock is thicker, and that won't work. Later they ask Lana if she has some tools to disable the door, but she forgot the tools inside her room. Later try to exit thru the window, but is a little hard to pass for that way, because below is the water sink. Lincoln knows a way to exit, the plan is this: The sisters lift Lincoln to the window, he falls to some bushes below, this enters from the main door, goes up the stairs, finds the key, and opens the door. Looks like a little easy plan, but the things got hard as the window is locked, they discover that the key is really a master key, that opens all the house's doors, windows, and locks. They make a count to be sure all are inside, they count 10, and note that Lily is missing, they think Lily is outside the bathroom, in her room. Lily awakes from her cradle, and climbs up this. While Lincoln is still trying to open the window, the sisters try to guide Lily to the key, they make a lot of descriptions to Lily understand. After a LONG time, Lily grabs the key, now the Louds need to guide her to the bathroom, there are too many distractors on the way, but fortunately Lily is concentrated. She passes the key below the door, and the Louds can open the door, they exit to the bathroom, all except Lincoln, which had opened the window with a clip. Lincoln jumps out to the window, but fells off to the bushes. A little injured, he goes to the main door, but its locked, and the sisters are still cheering Lily. The episode ends with Lincoln mimicating the Flintstones ending, hitting the door and shouting OPEN!

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