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Loud Industries is an American multinational conglomerate corporation run by the Loud family. The company is based in Royal Woods, Michigan, United States. It has subsidiaries involved in real estate, metal production, pharmaceutical production, entertainment, and cosmetics. It was founded in 1837 by steel industry tycoon Frederick W. Loud, and is now run by his great-great-great-grandson, Lynn R. Loud. Its headquarters is The Loud Building in Royal Woods. Lynn R. Loud's seventh cousin, Lynn Loud Sr., used to work there, but when his boss, L. R., offered him a promotion, Lynn Sr. turned him down and resigned due to the company's shady past.


Lynn R. Loud (Chairman and CEO (Chief Executive Officer))

Robert Santiago Sr. (President)

Charles McBride (Executive Vice President)

Lynn Loud Sr. (IT ; formerly)

Vito Filliponio (CFO (Chief Financial Officer))

Margie (White-collar worker)


  • The Loud Building
  • Royal Woods Mall
  • The Loud Royal Woods Hotel and Spa (Royal Woods Spa)
  • The Loud Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
  • The Loud Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City
  • The Loud Hotel and Casino, Paris
  • The Loud Hotel and Casino, Macau
  • The Loud Hotel and Casino, Singapore
  • The Loud Hotel and Resort, Panama City
  • The Loud Hotel and Casino, Monte Carlo


  1. Loud Development Ltd.
  2. Loud Cosmetics
  3. Loud Hotels and Resorts
  4. Loud Metal Works
  5. Loud Entertainment


  • Loud Industries is based on Abstergo Industries from Assassin's Creed and has some similarities to it:
    • Both companies are conglomerate corporations
    • Both have control over the world
    • Both have expanded into various business sectors
    • However, unlike Abstergo, Loud Industries has no interest in world domination but has unwittingly gained control over the world in finances, media, and politics.
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