Louds on the Run! Part 1 is the thirtieth and final episode of the second season of The New Loud House.


After being deported from the country, the Louds have 24 hours to exit from the US.


It's a normal day at the Loud house. The sisters doing their antics, Lincoln trying to avoid them, a normal day, until they watch the presidential message (all channels were forced to air it, and all citizens were also forced to watch and listen, they want or not).

President Trump started his speech. Some weeks ago we heard him saying that Mexico will pay for that wall at the south border, that he will make America (US) great again. This time he said that any people that had relations with mexican people, will be deported from the country.

This affected the Louds, because they already had contact with Mexican Lincoln (in this episode of Season 1.) and the Mexican family. It becomes worse because they have a pair of Mexican cousins. This means the Louds are officially deported of the country for six months.

Later, they start packing their things, and most valued treasures. Lincoln suggests enjoying their last day in the country for six months, to be capable of say goodbye without many tears. First, Lincoln lets the sisters to take him to the mall, in order to have a recreation time. Well, the girls have a recreation time, while Lincoln's buying supplies (in that moment he wanted to have all the supplies bought with the coupons).

Three hours later, he suggests to go to the cinema, to see a last movie in their domestic release. Because there were too much movies to choose, they used the two-dice game, in which the result number will be the sibling that chooses the movie. The winner was Lily (1+1). She chose to see the new movie of 'World War I: A Recreation', instead of the movie of Blarney, because she knew that her siblings didn't wanted to see the latter.

After the movie, only lasted 12 hours to left the country. Because they don't know where to go, they decide to go to Australia. In that 12 hours they rushed to pack the restant things they have. They lasted 10 hours. So the last thing in the list is say goodbye to their meetings. This implied Lori needed to make a temporal break-up with Bobby. At first Clyde was excited because Lori ended with Bobby, but when Lincoln said him that the whole family leaved the country, his illusions vanished.

All went to the airport, where the Louds said the last goodbye to their relationships, and they entered the plane.


  • Even when Trump hadn't said that last law, it could be possible.
  • The episode has references to old episodes, and it's the opener to the plot in Season 3.
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