Lynn in tokyo title card

Title card.

Lynn In Tokyo is the thirty-ninth episode of The Loud House spin-off series The Adventures of Lynn Loud. The episode will premiere sometime in 2017. This is the Season 1 finale to the show as well as the first 30-minute special. The episode will be written by TrevorPhillips, TheAnimatorCartoonistDude, TheCreepyPastaLover, and most likely some more people.

Last Episode: TBA / Next Episode: The Angry Beavers and Lynn Loud Special Episode Spectacular


  • Lynn Loud
  • Lucas Nelson
  • Mrs. Nelson
  • Mrs. Loud
  • Mr. Loud
  • Lori Loud
  • Leni Loud
  • Luna Loud
  • Luan Loud
  • Lincoln Loud
  • Lucy Loud
  • Lana Loud
  • Lola Loud
  • Lisa Loud
  • Lily Loud


Lucas invites Lynn to a trip to Tokyo, Japan.


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  • This is the season 1 finale as well the first 30-minute episode for this spin-off.