Luna and Lincoln's incestuous Christian daughter.

Due to the rising number of family members, the fact that all of her aunts were studying or working and the incapacity of Loan to take responsibility for her cousins, Lyra grew up being the one who took care of them. After finding out that what her family was doing was wrong and considered disgusting by normal society she became a born again christian, much to her family's dismay.


As one of the oldest, she is the most rational out of all her siblings, she can drive her household crazy with her religious talk but she loves them

Lyra is a Christian girl but some artists and writers sometimes depict her doing Catholic acts, sometimes just to invoke Catholic imagery and other times because they don't know there are other denominations of Christianity.

She has a 0% approval of incest (Most of the time) and should she be aware of Lincoln being her father it doesn't stop her from disapproving him for having relationships with his sisters even if she does still love him. If she is in lewd stories or fan art were everybody has lots of sex she usually never joins, and even when she does she tends to be the most restrained of the bunch.


Depending on the artist, She is normally seen in a purple jacket tight gray jeans and gray flats. she is consistently depicted having a bare midriff and has a piercing on her left nipple.


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