Maggie is an angsty emo girl, with no sense of humor. She gets angry because of lame jokes, especially if they ruin her birthday party. However, she has a strong sense of art, as she deeply interpreted Luan's pantomime in "Funny Business". She appears to like mimes, as she smiled when Luan's stage performance satisfied her.


Maggie The Loud House

Maggie is a tall, slim girl with pale skin, waist-length black hair styled in a hime cut, and freckles. She has six pairs of eyelashes, and blackish-gray eyeshadow.

She wears black earrings, a sky blue t-shirt, long black and white striped arm sleeves, a dark blue skirt in a checker pattern, dark grey boots, and has a purple jumper wrapped around her waist.


  • Miguel Puga designed Maggie.[1]
  • Maggie is currently the female character with the most eyelashes, with six pairs.
  • There is a possibility that she, or one of her friends, is related to the Bratty Kid, since his mom is seen at her birthday party.
  • One of her friends is seen in "L is for Love", in middle school with Luan.
    • So it's possible that Maggie is schoolmates with Luan and Lynn, although its most likely she is.
      • While "L is for Love" and "Mall of Duty" take place at the end of the school year (in June) Maggie would also be going into 8th Grade with Lynn.
  • Her name comes from Margaret, which means "Pearl" in Greek.
  • Maggie is the second named character who had a birthday onscreen, the first character was Chandler.
  • Maggie was born in June, as in the episode "Funny Business", Luan has June on her calendar.
  • While Maggie has (so far) only appeared once, some of her friends (including her Mom) have made cameos in other episodes.
  • Maggie resembles Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls.
  • Her skirt is similar to Luna's and Luan's, only in a dark blue color.
  • Maggie's earrings look similar to Carol's, Leni's friend's, and an unnamed woman from "Raw Deal".
  • Dub Facts:
    • Her Polish name is Magda from Magdalena, which means "from the tower" in Hebrew.
  • Despite being thirteen she seems to have developed breast whereas Lynn, Luna, and Luan haven't developed at all despite two of them being much older than her

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