Mission: Back to Home is the third episode of Season 3.


Lincoln makes a plan for getting back to the house.


There had passed only two days since the Louds got in the island, and they really miss living in Royal Woods. So the sisters start ask Lincoln for plans to go back home.

His first suggestion is trying to find some signal of civilization near, but there's nothing. Eventually all of them stack with Lily at top. The same result. They started to groan. But Lincoln reminded they are in an island near New Caledonia, a french department of sea. Fortunately, the island has coberture by Telecel, so Lincoln tries to call New-Caledonese Lincoln in order to send them help. For their bad luck, Lori's phone balance is over, leaving them without communication (something like North Korea, but not so extreme).

He later suggests to build a bridge to New Caledonia, using wood. All start chopping trees from the island. Because this is small (1 sq. km. diameter) there not was enough material to build. So in their last hope, Lincoln decides to travel within a rope.

There are some wood posts dispersed thru the sea. Lincoln tied ropes to the ones near New Caledonia. At night, he started to swinging in them. But when the rope has over, he returned to the island claiming that was a bad idea.

The final alternative for consideration is swiming until reach New Caledonia, but because that is a ridiculously long time needed to swim up there, they decide stay on the island.


  • Is the only episode of Season 3 where the tribe doesn't appears.
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