Oh Brother Shes My Sister is a episode of the loud house and stars Louis and Lori


After all of the loud family drives them crazy Louis and Lori have had enough and decide to have a brother/sister night and get away from the house for a while. later when everyone is sleeping Louis and Lori sneak out of the house and head out to find adventure. while on their adventure Lori and Louis's relationship as brother and sister is explored by showing them doing activities, going to dinner, talking, playing and some flashbacks which show more of their relationship. After a long night Lori and Louis decided to spend the night in the backyard. Lori sets up a tent and make a fire while Louis sneaks in the house and gets some s'mores after they hang out and later go in the tent where they talk all night long. The end of the episode sees Lincoln and Lance going outside to take out the trash when they hear snoring and they look in the yard to see a tent. They opens the tent to reveal Lori and Louis sprawled out and sleeping while snoring loudly. Lincoln and Lance seeing that they had a long night decided not to bother them and they go back into the house and the episode ends.


Lori Loud

Louis Loud

Lincoln loud(only seen in the beginning and ending)

Lance Loud (only seen in the beginning and ending)

all the loud sisters and levi only seen in the opening

Bobby (mentioned)

Ronnie Anne (mentioned)


  • Louis treats Lori like her boyfriend Bobby as revealed in this episode where Lori and Louis's brotherly/sisterly relationship is deeply shown through flashbacks and current moments
    • the episode(oh brother shes my sister) is the only episode in the series so far that showed some tension between lincoln, lance, levi and the loud sisters and louis(except with lori)
    • this is the second episode of the entire series where only two two loud family members are the main focus that being Lori and Louis the first was in save the date
    • this is the first episode ever that lincoln is not shown and not the main character of the episode though he is seen in the ending and has a small role including speaking two times in the opening
    • though Bobby and Ronnie Annie arent seen in the episode they are mentioned a few times throughout the episode
    • The title is a reference to a Barney and Friends episode of the same name
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