Red Collar Lizard (Long Days) is the first short of Lana Toons. It airs September 23, 2016


Lana thinks Izzy needs a red collar.


Lana comes to her room. She sees Izzy is missing, and asks Lola if she took Izzy but Lola says she hasn't seen him all week. Two minutes later, she finds him in the tub. She thinks he needs a red collar, so she goes to Rita for to get Izzy a red collar. She says she'll drive them and Lincoln's paying. She gives him $50 and they go in the store. Five minutes later, they head to the checkout. They head home and Lana puts the collar on Izzy and says "There you go, good as new", ending the short.


  • Lana
  • Izzy
  • Lincoln
  • Rita
  • Lola
  • Clerk (off-screen)


Due to be done by August 11,2016 The transcript for Red Collar Lizard (Long Days) can be found here.