The Great Pudding Robbery is the thirty-fourth episode of Season 4.


Someone stole all the pudding on the fridge. Now Lincoln must solve the case.


Lincoln enters to the kitchen for a dessert, but he discovers... THERE'S NO PUDDINGS!

Lincoln decides to take part of this, and dress like a detective, and investigate the case. He at first thinks in the most obvious, the sisters. First investigates Lori, but he is instantly kicked out of her room. Later he tries with Leni, but she doesn't know what a pudding is. Later he asks to Luna, but she says Lisa had placed the last pudding inside a mini-safe-box.

Lisa is investigated, but she didn't robbed it because she forgot the password to open the safebox. Later he investigates Luan, but she only makes jokes non-stopping ever.

Later he investigates Lynn and Lucy, but Lynn says she can't eat another pudding because Lola would kick her butt (watch "Sound of Silence"), and Lucy fell in a trap of Luan, keeping stuck inside her 'grave'.

Lincoln soon, knows no one of them did it, so he thinks on the pets. He enters on Charles' house where they were reunited, Lincoln finds pudding pots, but they only had pet food.

Lincoln calls the sisters, and asks them who stole the pudding. The sisters stare each other confused. Until Lily appears eating pudding, and she 'says' 'Ummm, I think you didn't investigated too well, detective'. END.

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