The House Economy; According to Lincoln Loud is the sixth episode of Season 5.


Lincoln explains the viewer the fragile economic situation during the reconstruction.


The Louds had finished installing on their truck. But, they still don't have clear how they will sleep, because the truck didn't has divisions but the bathroom. After half hour of discussion (and four hours of rock-table instalation), Lincoln goes to his part of the truck.

After closing (and locking) the door, and covering the roof so nobody hears (the rock-table doesn't reaches the roof), procedes to show a pie chart, which is divided in four parts: reconstruction, food, rent, and ant spendings, of which, the bigger is of ant spendings. An ant spending is something you don't need, if at the start it's insignificant, long time it's too much money. Adding the quantities, the spendings are of $72,116,578.87 dollars. Also, on a side of the chart, there's a series of numbers, which show debt: eleventy billion dollars; time (in years) to pay everything: 67; and a notice at this step, they will require all the money of the country to pay.

An alarmed Lincoln goes to show that to the parents, who react also alarmed due the fact of the $72,116,578.87 dollars, $45,374,823.71 dollars were of ant spendings, so they proceed retire the allowance money until they find how to solve the debt. So they will have to find temporal works of 24-hours.

One month later, the Louds had only got a 1% of their debt. Because working for 100 months is something ridiculous for paying a reconstruction that only values no more of $2 million. At seeing the prices, they notice the ridiculously high inflation. So they consider it's a plan of the president so they don't stay there. They also notice their taxes, paying a 2780% more than the regular citizen. The good thing is Lisa manages to hack the server of taxes to get a refund, but thanks to it, the Louds are wanted at national level.

As they don't want be kicked again, they hide before the police sees them. They contact the town so they help to solve their debts. Luckily, with the town's money, 60% of the debt is solved. After tricking the president again, and all the american government with him, the Louds get the tax refund, and they give a part to the town to pay for the repairings. As the issue of the money is solved, this is not a comic, so the reconstruction will take, at best, a month in real time.

The New Loud House
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