The Loudest Dreams is the twenty-first episode of the second season.

Part II


Another look to the dreams of the guys. This time is turn of the other six.


Let's start with Lori. She dreams that her relationship with Bobby has gone too deep, so, that he wants to marry her. She dudates, because technically is still a teenager (because it doesn't has 21 yet, only 19), but she actually wants to marry him. So she says that it will think it.

Next is Leni. This imagines that is a very famous cloth designer, and everyone wants to buy her clothing. It wins much money, but because at her charity nature, it gives this all the money, leaving her poor.

Later is Luna. She thinks that is giving a concert along Mick Swagger in a world tour. Mick offers her a check for fifteen million dollars if she stills with him in his next tour. She accepts (insteas of Leni), altough that implies leaving her family at forgot.

After is Luan. She is dreaming with her being a great comedian, that all laugh at her jokes, that even has appeared in Comedy Central. But that dream it turns in nightmare when she says a pun that it disliked the public, that throw rotten tomatoes, ending her career.

The next is Lisa. When this not dreams too much with out-reality things, that night is dreaming that is a chosen member to colonize Mars, in name of Earth. If that means being with other intelligent people, accepts, and is sent. There in Mars, says that when she dies, wants her brain to be frozen, and her body cremated to the future generations.

Finally is Lucy. This almost never dreams, because the only that see her eyes is black. A black background with nothing happening. Is the only thing she dreams, with a terrifying music sounding


  • This episode premiered MINUTES later the other part, making the shortest time between episodes.

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