The Luxurious Loud House is a Christian-comedy series created by LoudHousefanon144. The series follows a young Catholic rich boy named Richard Loud III, who lives in a mansion with ten sisters.


In this series, the Loud family are very wealthy and are one of the most powerful families in the world. They own a large American conglomerate corporation: Loud Industries, which is run by Lynn R. Loud. The Louds also own three opulent estates in Royal Woods, Michigan: the Frederick W. Loud House, the Lynn R. Loud Estate, and the William H. Loud Estate. The Louds are also depicted as Catholic, worshiping God and Jesus Christ and going to church every Sunday.

For Richard L. Loud III, as the only son of Lynn R. Loud and Margaret Loud with five older sisters and five younger sisters, life in his home can be as much as crazy as Lincoln Loud's home. From loud music to unwanted makeovers, there is no problem too large for Richard to handle when he always has a plan to get around the often chaotic conditions of his extravagant home. Richard can handle anything his sisters throw at him with his planning and a little help from his friends: Clyde, Veronica, Ronnie Anne, Douglas, and Rusty.


Main characters

Richard L. Loud III

Richard Lincoln Loud III (born February 1, 2005) is the main protagonist of the show, at 12 years old (formerly 11), he is the middle child and only son of Loud Industries CEO Lynn R. Loud, and American socialite, Rita Loud. He is also a distant relative of Lincoln Loud and the latter's sisters. He enjoys sports and other physical activities and is very competitive and energetic. He plays for the Royal Woods FC, a local soccer team in Royal Woods and is one of the best players along with his older sister, Lynn II, Richard also plays for a local football team called the Royal Woods Roosters and is the best player on that team. His other interests include comic books and manga, video games, luxury, Loud Industries, music, cars, and extravagant lifestyles. Richard is also very intelligent, and is a straight-A student, and is very good looking and handsome. In this series, Richard has been inspired by The Loud House and the show's main character, Lincoln Loud, Richard often speaks to viewers either about how he gets around the often chaotic conditions of his otherwise opulent home or about other things. His girlfriend is Veronica Santiago, with whom he talks with or texts on his phone. Richard has blonde hair, wears a football jacket, blue and white track pants, and also wears white shoes.

Lori Loud

Lorraine Vanderbilt "Lori" Loud (born March 15, 1999) is the eldest of the Loud children at 18 years old. Unlike The Loud House version of herself, she is much more kinder and less bossy to her siblings, although she is as sarcastic as her lower class counterpart. She dates Bobby Santiago, and either talks with or texts him on her phone.

Leni Loud

Leni Vanderbilt Loud (born April 18, 2000) is the second oldest of the Loud children at 17 years old (formerly 16). Unlike The Loud House version of herself, Leni V. Loud is much more intelligent and aware yet a kind and pretty teen actress. She is skilled in acting and fashion designing, and as an actress, mostly plays dumb blonde characters in films.

Anne Loud

Anne Vanderbilt Loud (born February 18, 2001) is the third oldest of Lynn R. Loud and Rita Loud at 16 years old (formerly 15). Like her eighth cousin, Luna, Anne is a free-spirited musician with interest in rock n' roll who is popular around the world. She also owns an electric guitar and other musical instruments.

Cornelia Loud

Cornelia Luan Loud (born March 31, 2002) is the fourth oldest of the Loud children at the age of 15 (formerly 14). Like The Loud House version of herself, she is also very fond of practical jokes and comedy, however, unlike her lower class counterpart, Luan C. Loud's jokes are actually more funnier.

Lynn Loud II

Lynn Vanderbilt Loud (born May 7, 2003), known as Lynn Loud II, is the fifth oldest of Lynn R. Loud and Rita Loud at 13 years old. Like her younger brother Richard, and The Loud House version of herself, Lynn II also engages in sports and other physical activities. She plays on her brother's soccer team and is one of the best players along with him. She dates her second cousin, William H. Loud III, and sometimes talks with or texts him on her phone. Unlike The Loud House version of herself, Lynn II is more mature and sophisticated since she is raised in an affluent family.

Lacey Loud

Lacey Claypoole Loud (born October 30, 2008), at 8 years old (formerly 7), is the fifth youngest of the Loud children. Like Lucy, she is an emo girl with interest in poetry and gothic fiction. However, Lacey, like the rest of her family, is devoted to Jesus Christ, and sometimes carries the Bible with her.

Lana Loud

Alanna Vanderbilt "Lana" Loud (born January 1, 2010), is Lola's identical twin and the fourth youngest at 7 (formerly 6). Like The Loud House version of her, she is a fun loving tomboy who loves to get her hands dirty, however, unlike her lower class counterpart, Lana is more dignified and well mannered. She wears a grey suit and a blue clip-on tie. She also misses her two front teeth

Lola Loud

Delores Vanderbilt "Lola" Loud (born January 1, 2010) is Lana's identical twin sister and the third youngest at 7 years old (formerly 6). Like The Loud House version of herself, Lola is a bratty girly-girl and dresses and acts like a princess, and she acts as a family tattletale herself. However, unlike her lower class counterpart, she is more kinder and less threatening since she is a devout Catholic. Like her lower class counterpart however, she and her twin are missing two front teeth.

Lizzy Loud

Elizabeth Mary "Lizzy" Loud (born July 3, 2012) is the second youngest of Lynn R. Loud and Rita Loud at 4 years old. Like The Loud House version of herself, Lisa is a child prodigy who graduated college with a PhD, and engages in experiments and equations. However, unlike her lower class counterpart, Lisa is not scatterbrained, never forgetting crucial ingredients for her experiments and never misplacing her vials, test tubes, or chemicals. She not only believes in science, she also believes in Jesus Christ and God like the rest of her family and is devoted to the Catholic faith.

Lauren Loud

Lauren Louise Loud (born June 1, 2015) is the youngest child of Lynn R. Loud and Rita Loud at 2 years old (formerly 1). Like The Loud House version of herself, Lauren tends to disgust her older siblings by defecating in her diaper, and she is able to walk independently and gets carried for longer distances.

Charles McBride Jr.

Charles Clyde McBride Jr. (born June 16, 2005) is Richard's best friend at 11 years old. Clyde plays on Richard's soccer team and enjoys playing video games and hanging out with him. Clyde is a second cousin of Lincoln Loud's best friend, Clyde.

Veronica Santiago

Veronica Anne Vasquez Santiago (born June 18, 2005) is Richard's girlfriend and at 11 years old, the younger child and only daughter of Loud Industries President Robert Santiago Sr. Veronica is avid in sports and plays on the Royal Woods FC. Veronica also enjoys skateboarding and video games. Richard sometimes talks with her on the phone and texts her. Richard and Veronica had been in love since 4th grade, and their relationship is a media sensation to the point of them being interviewed by reporters, and photographed by numerous photographers.

Supporting characters

Lynn Loud I

Lynn Richard Loud (born April 4, 1967) is Richard's father, he is the Chairman and CEO of Loud Industries, he took over the company after his father's retirement in 2000. He is the second oldest child and the older son of Richard L. Loud Jr. Lynn I is also a cosmetics entrepreneur, known for having created a fragrance called the Eau de Loud.

Rita Loud

Rita Loud nee Vanderbilt (born March 2, 1977) is Richard's mother and the wife of Lynn R. Loud, she is a prominent American socialite in Royal Woods. She met Lynn I in 1995 in New York City and they fell in love. They married in 1998 and bore 11 children.

Willy Loud

William Henry "Willy" Loud III (born February 15, 2003) is one of the second cousins of the Loud kids, Lynn's boyfriend, and the second youngest child and older son of William H. Loud Jr., the Mayor of Royal Woods. Willy has a passion for sports and is on Richard and Lynn's soccer team, he is also on Richard's football team. He is 13 years old and is taller than her (he is around Leni's height).

Jennifer Loud

Jennifer Holly Loud (born May 13, 1999) is Willy's oldest sister, one of the Loud kids' second cousins and the oldest child of William H. Loud Jr. Jennifer is a friend of Lori Loud. Jennifer enjoys fashion, and has an interest in Loud Industries.

Sarah Loud

Sarah Nelson Loud (born September 17, 2001) is Willy's older sister, one of the Loud kids' second cousins and the second oldest child and the younger daughter of William H. Loud Jr. Sarah is a friend of Luna Loud and enjoys all kinds of music.

Jake Loud

Jacob Nelson "Jake" Loud (born July 23, 2005) is Willy's younger brother, one of the second cousins of the Loud kids, and the youngest child and younger son of William H. Loud Jr., he is also Richard's friend who is also on his soccer team as well.

William H. Loud Jr

William Henry Loud Jr. (born July 5, 1969) is the father of Willy, Jennifer, Sarah, and Jake, and he is the Mayor of Royal Woods. He likes to watch sports and throws lavish parties. William Jr. also enjoys gambling as well.

Gloria Loud

Gloria Loud nee Nelson (born 1969) is Willy, Jennifer, Sarah, and Jake's mother, and the wife of William H. Loud Jr. She met William H. Loud Jr. in 1974 in kindergarten, and they became friends. In 1983, they fell in love. William Jr. and Gloria married in the St. Paul's Cathedral in Royal Woods in 1997 and bore 4 children.

William H. Loud Sr.

William Henry Loud Sr. (born August 13, 1938) is the great-uncle of the Loud children, the father of William H. Loud Jr., and the grandfather of Jennifer, Sarah, Willy, and Jake. William Sr. is also the father of two other children: Walter Loud and Bernard Loud. He was President of Loud Industries from 1972 to 1993, and a Royal Woods City Councillor from 1993 to 2005.

Emilio Navarra

Emilio Navarra (born November 15, 2005) is a friend of Richard Loud. He is the son of Mafia Don Carlo Navarra and the nephew of Vito Filliponio.

Carlo Navarra

Carlo James Navarra (born January 3, 1967) is a Royal Woods Mafia Don and an old friend of the Loud family. He is the father of Anthony, Stefano, Adrianna, and Emilio. He is currently focused on legitimizing his family. He is based on Vito Corleone and Michael Corleone from The Godfather.

Lucas Loud

Lucas Alan Loud (born February 27, 1969) is the uncle of the old money Loud children and Lynn Loud I's younger brother. He is a U.S. Senator from Michigan. He is described as a strict Catholic who prays to God every day.

Jim Sweetwater

James Calvin "Jim" Sweetwater Jr. (born 2001) is the older brother of Lola Loud's pageant rival, Lindsey Sweetwater and Lucy Loud's friend George Sweetwater and is the oldest child and older son of James C. Sweetwater Sr. at 15 years old. Jim is Luna Loud's friend and enjoys rock music.

Robert Santiago Jr.

Robert Alexander Philip Martinez "Bobby" Santiago Jr. (born January 31, 1999) is Lori's boyfriend, Veronica's older brother, and the older child and only son of Loud Industries President Robert Santiago Sr. Bobby often talks with Lori on the phone, Bobby also texts her when he is not talking with her.

Robert Santiago Sr

Robert Alexander Philip Martinez Santiago Sr. (born May 30, 1968) is Bobby and Veronica's father, and the godfather of the Loud children. He is the President of Loud Industries since 2010. Robert is devoted to Jesus Christ and attends church each Sunday with his family and his godchildren. It was revealed that Robert had been a sponsor for the Confirmations of Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lynn.

Father Joseph Santiago

Joseph Francis John Martinez Ferdinand Santiago (born April 7, 1966), known as Father Santiago, is Bobby and Veronica's uncle and Robert Sr.'s older brother. He is a Catholic priest who works for St. Paul's Cathedral in Royal Woods.

Michael Santiago

Michael Louis Martinez Santiago (born May 31, 1962), is Robert Jr. and Veronica's uncle and the oldest of the Santiago brothers. He is the Chairman and CEO of Santiago Real Estate Company.

Paul Santiago

Paul Suarez Santiago (born August 13, 1994) is Michael's younger son and middle child. He is a successful business investor and Hector Casagrande's business partner. A year earlier, he bought 25% share in the Casagrandes' bodega and renamed it The Casagrande and plans to turn it into a billion dollar enterprise by the time Casagrandes' grandson Roberto Santiago takes over.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, known as Jesus of Nazareth, is the son of God who gave mankind redemption from sin by being crucified and dying on the cross. He now resides in heaven with his father, God.

Francesco Leone

Francesco Leone is one of Richard Loud's personal bodyguards.

Douglas Cornheiser

Douglas "Doug" Cornheiser (born 2005) is a friend of Richard Loud and the older brother of Dylan Cornheiser. He plays on the Royal Woods FC. Doug also enjoys hanging out with him and Clyde and Veronica.

Rusty Spokes

John "Rusty" Spokes (born 2005) is one of Richard's friends who enjoys hanging out with him. Rusty enjoys cycling and playing sports with his friends.

Vito Filliponio

Vito Filliponio (born June 14, 1970) is a friend of the Loud family and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Loud Industries and the maternal uncle of Emilio Navarra and Carlo Navarra's brother in-law.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh (born January 30, 2003) is the youngest child of Alan Walsh III, the youngest brother of Alan Walsh IV, and the old money Loud kids' second cousin. Brian is friends with Lynn L. Loud and Lynn V. Loud.

Alan Walsh IV

Alan Walsh IV (born February 17, 1992) is the oldest child of Alan Walsh III and the old money Loud kids' second cousin

Fabrizio Rossi

Fabrizio Rossi (born March 23, 2000) is Leniere Loud's love interest and an opera singer. He is the oldest son of actor Giovanni Rossi.

Alan Walsh III

Alan Walsh III (born March 31, 1961) is Alan IV and Brian's father. He is the CEO of Walsh Media Inc.

Kevin Gilday

Kevin Cormac Gilday (May 29, 2009) is Delores Loud's love interest. He is the son of businessman George Gilday.


Murray is the Loud family's butler assigned to Richard, Lynn, Lynn I, and Rita. He is usually seen doing something for either Richard, Lynn, Lynn I, or Rita.


Willard is the Loud family's butler assigned to Lori and Leni


Jerry is the Loud family's butler assigned to Luna, Luan, and Lucy


Luke is the Loud family's butler assigned to Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily


Kerby is Richard's personal chauffeur, he usually drives Richard around in the limousine.


Parker is Lynn Loud's personal chauffeur, he sometimes drives Lynn around in her limousine.

Archbishop Fred Bottcher

Frederick "Fred" Bottcher (born 1945) is the Archbishop of Royal Woods and a friend of the Loud family, his cathedral for the Archdiocese of Royal Woods is the St. Paul's Cathedral in Royal Woods.

Vincent Moreti

Vincent Michael Moreti (born 1972) is the Bishop of Hazeltucky. He is revealed to be targeted by Don Castello for challenging the Mafia.

Lincoln Loud

Lincoln Loud (born 2005) is Richard's eighth cousin and the main protagonist of The Loud House. Lincoln enjoys reading comic books in his underwear and playing video games.

Lori L. Loud

Lori L. Loud (born 1999) is Lincoln's oldest sister. Unlike her eighth cousin Lorraine, Lori frequently bosses her siblings around.

Leni L. Loud

Leni L. Loud (born 2000) is Lincoln's second oldest sister. She is a dumb blonde who lacks intelligence and awareness but is skilled in fashion designing.

Lynn L. Loud

Lynn L. Loud Jr. (born 2003) is Lincoln's fifth oldest sister. Like her wealthy counterpart and eighth cousin, Lynn Loud II, and the latter's brother, Richard, she enjoys playing sports and roughhousing with her siblings.

Lynn Loud Sr.

Lynn Loud Sr. is Lynn R. Loud's former employee and a chef at Aloha Comrade Hawaiian Russian Fusion Restaurant. He was an IT at Loud Industries until 2016 when he resigned both to pursue his dream of becoming chef, and to avoid the family business due to its shady past.

Luna, Luan, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily Loud (The Loud House)

They are the rest of Lincoln's ten sisters. They do not have much interactions with Richard.

Ronnie Anne Santiago

Ronalda Anne "Ronnie" Santiago (born 2005) is Lincoln Loud's girlfriend, Bobby Santiago's younger sister, and Lynn R. Loud and Margaret Loud's goddaughter

Bobby Santiago

Roberto Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis "Bobby" Santiago Jr. (born 1999) is Lori Loud's boyfriend, Ronnie Anne's older brother, and the godson of Lynn R. Loud and Margaret Loud.

Recurring characters

Richard L. Loud Jr

Richard Lincoln Loud Jr. (born March 22, 1930) is the grandfather of the Loud children and the father of Lynn R. Loud and Lucas Loud. He was Chairman and CEO of Loud Industries from 1968 until his retirement in 2000. Richard Jr. enjoys watching sports, and also enjoys lavish parties.

Lauren Walsh Loud

Lauren Walsh Loud (born May 2, 1933) is the grandmother of the old money Loud children and the mother of Lynn R. Loud and Lucas Loud. She came from a family of wealthy Irish-Americans and is the third child and older daughter of media mogul Alan Walsh, who was mayor of Royal Woods from 1969-1973.

Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio (born December 7, 1936), known as Pope Francis is the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church since 2013 and a friend of the Loud family.

George Gatsby

George Tony Gatsby (born 1950) is a friend of the Loud family, and the CEO of Gatsby Enterprises. He is the grandson of self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby, and resides in his grandfather's mansion in East Egg, New York.

Lynn Loud Sr.

Lynn L. Loud Sr. is the father of Lincoln Loud and his sisters and the seventh cousin of Lynn Loud I. He works at Loud Industries.


Jacob Rothschild

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, also known as the 4th Baron Rothschild or Lord Rothschild, is a British investment banker, and a member of the powerful Rothschild family. He is the leader of the Illuminati, an organization that is focused on world domination.

Paolo Vaccara

Cardinal Paolo Vaccara was the Roman Catholic Archbishop in the Casagrandes' city. He is a corrupt cleric who plots to one day become Pope and take over the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. He is friends with Don Castello


Chandler Stone is Richard's rival in sports. Despite being poor and not being rich, Chandler is more egotistical than Richard, and is very self-centered freeloader, having used two of Richard's distant relatives and Charles Jr.'s second cousin for free stuff. He is very avid in sports, and is as much as popular as Richard, both of them being well liked by a lot of people.

Ettore Castello

Ettore Castello (born February 19, 1946) is a Hazeltucky Mafia Boss and the overall main antagonist of the show. He is an enemy of Carlo Navarra and the Loud family.

Bruno Falzone

Bruno Falzone (born 1960) is the Castello family consigliere and Don Castello's right hand man. He is very cold and calculating and loyal to Castello.

Jimmy Castello

James Angelo "Jimmy" Castello (born April 30, 1976) is Ettore's eldest son and the underboss of the Castello crime family.

Benedetto Falzone

Benedetto Falzone (born 1965) is a caporegime for the Castello family and the younger brother of Bruno.

Tony Beneventi

Anthony "Tony" Beneventi (born 1974) is a caporegime for the Castello family.

Johnny Fiorentino

Giovanni "Johnny" Fiorentino (born 1975-2010) is one of the soldati for the Castello family and worked for Benedetto Falzone. He was murdered by Carlo Navarra in retaliation for killing the latter's father, Carmine.

Lord Tetherby

Walter Tetherby (born 1954) is an heir to the Tetherball fortune and the main antagonist of Season 1. He is a rival of the Loud family.

Minor characters

Richard L. Loud Sr

Richard Lincoln Loud Sr. (May 1, 1896 - July 20, 1980) is the great-grandfather of the Loud children and the father of Richard L. Loud Jr. and William H. Loud Sr. He had been CEO of Loud Industries until his retirement in 1968, he died in 1980.

Frederick W. Loud

Frederick William Loud (1805-1892) is the paternal ancestor of the Loud children and a steel industry tycoon. He founded a steel company that would later become Loud Industries, and he made his fortune. He retired in 1868 and died in 1892 at the age of 87.

Enzo Gabrielli

Enzo Fausto Gabrielli (June 3, 1900 - June 28, 1976) was the Archbishop of Royal Woods and a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was murdered by Paolo Vaccara.

Benjamin Paulsen

Benjamin Paulsen (December 19, 1915 - August 1, 2008) is the Archbishop Emeritus of Royal Woods and a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He became Archbishop of Royal Woods in 1976 after Gabrielli was murdered. He retired in 1990 and died in 2008 of natural causes.

Louis Gatsby

Louis Fay Gatsby (1918-2005) is George's father, the founder of Gatsby Enterprises, and Jay Gatsby's illegitimate son through his lover, Daisy Buchanan. After his father's death, Louis lived with his grandparents and inherited his father's fortune when he came of age, he later inherited the money bequeathed to his grandparents after their deaths, and used his inheritance to restore his father's mansion and create Gatsby Enterprises, which would later become a large American corporation. He later died of an old age in 2005.


Season 1

  • The Luxurious Loud House: Richard, inspired by his distant relative's show, starts his own show and then talks about his everyday life and problem solving.
  • The Big Game / A Lavish Birthday Party: Richard and his soccer team prepare for a big soccer match against Chandler and his team. / It is Richard's birthday, and his family and friends are planning out an extravagant party to celebrate it.
  • Rick's Valentine's Day
  • Loud Meets Pope / Triple Date
  • The Power of Wealth / One With The Christ: It's "take your kids to work day" and Richard is about to learn more about the family business / It's Confirmation day at St. Paul's Cathedral, and Richard is one of the candidates getting confirmed at the church by the Archbishop of Royal Woods.
  • 22 Kids And An Old Man / The Trumping President: Richard and his sisters visit their grandparents along with Lincoln Loud and his sisters / Richard and his father are meeting with President Donald Trump to attempt to convince him to tone down on his policies, but Lincoln and his sisters dislike Trump and they intend to ruin his stay in Royal Woods, Richard, his sisters, and their parents also dislike Trump's policies but they try to maintain a good friendship with Trump.
  • Richard & Veronica's Wedding: In 2035, Richard Loud III and Veronica Santiago get married at St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Business Feud / Viva Las Vegas: Lynn Loud I's business rival tries to make his company better than the other, but Lynn and his business executives are determined to stop it from happening / The Loud family is visiting Las Vegas to make sure that their casino there continues making profits.
  • Business Expansion / The Knight of St. Gregory: The Casagrandes' bodega has turned into a company thanks to Paul Santiago's investment, Paul intends to turn the Casagrandes' business into a billion dollar enterprise, however, he has an enemy who wants to buy out the Casagrandes and take over their business. / Pope Francis has made Lynn Loud I a Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great for his charitable works, and has been bestowed upon the order by Archbishop Bottcher, afterwards, the Loud family throws a party to celebrate it, but there is someone planning to assassinate Senator Lucas Loud at the party and Lynn himself.
  • Lincoln's Mentor / Rich Father's Day: Richard's uncle Lucas is training Lincoln to become a successful Politician / It's Father's Day, and Richard and his sisters are throwing a lavish party for him. It is also Veronica Santiago's birthday as well, and the party is also going to be for her.
  • The Loudfather / 4th of July Extravaganza: Lynn I gets sick and Richard takes over while his father recovers / The Loud Family throw an extravagant party to celebrate the Independence Day.


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