The Trolley is a fan-made Loud House short.   


Lincoln and Clyde have been hired as junior trolley cadets. They are preparing a trolley to passport Lincoln's sisters and pets. They enjoy the trolley ride, but there are some obstacles. They go through bumpy rocks and stones. Then there is a cow that walks on the track and refuses to move until Lincoln pick up some grass and fetches it, as the cow runs off to catch the grass. Lincoln and Clyde think all is well until the hill gets steep. Lincoln and Clyde had to get out the trolley and push it up the hill; then down the hill.

The trolley unexpectedly goes out of control; Lincoln and Clyde try to stop this but they fight over the brakes and end up breaking it. The trolley goes to a bumpy road causing Lincoln's sisters and pets to fall out the trolley one by one, leaving Lincoln and Clyde alone and helpless. They ride through three tunnels and duck. When they duck through the third tunnel, Lincoln and Clyde pray to live. They go through three more tunnels and finally, the trolley crashes through a dead end sign, throwing Lincoln and Clyde down a cliff.

It all turns out to be a nightmare Lincoln had, ending the short.


The Trolley (A Loud House Short)/Script


  • This is similar to black-and-white shorts like "Trolley Troubles" from Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, "Mickey's Choo-Choo" from Mickey Mouse, "Box Car Blues" and "Bosko and Bruno" from Looney Tunes, and "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!" from Merrie Melodies.
  • The short was originally gonna be in black-and-white and there were originally gonna be no dialogue, and also ends with Lincoln and Clyde falling down a cliff. But Chris Savino did not like the idea of Lincoln and Clyde dying, so he tells the writers to remake it, but instead of remaking the scene, they made an extra scene to reveal it was all a dream. Also, the executives decided to change it to color and have sounds.