Try to Catch Me! is the fifteenth episode of season 2.


Lincoln gets a sugar rush, and now he can run very fast.


Plot by Pablo Solis

The episode begins with Lincoln sitting in the bed, with very delicious candies and sugar cubes. He starts to eat all the sweets, but when he finishes them, Rita comes and tells him that it is not good to eat a lot of trash food. Lincoln ignores her saying "Yes, sure." He starts to go with Clyde to school, eating sugar, Lincoln asks him if he wants, but tells him that he has to take care of his Cholesterol (Overnight Sucess), and go to school. In gymnastics time, Lincoln starts running, but MUCH faster than usual. Lincoln is strange, because he runs a lot. Clyde tells him that maybe it's because of the sugar, which tells Lincoln to make a diet. Although on the one hand it's good, since he can win a race. The bad side is that it is difficult to slow down. So if you start to diet, and only use the opportunity to win a race, after finishing the diet, start to run normal, but run less, so eat some sugar.


  • Previously, Pablo Solis thought in a part scene when Lincoln is covered of chocolate, but this was scrapped, because in some cities, could view Lincoln as a black stereotype. In TNLH's Complete Classic Collection Volume 2, the cut scene (altought with All in a Hotel) are most the work of this two scenes.
  • A Part of the episode and a lost scene is discover

Lincoln:Ah,nothing as eat a lot of sugar cubes!

*Rita enter to the Lincoln's Bedroom*


Lincoln is look to the camera with the face with a lot of chocolate.

Clyde:Heem,Lincoln....your face.

  • The title is a pun of a no very known pun named "Try to Watch Me", a phrase when you play with your friends to the hidden game.
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