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  • MichaelWilemonTheMime

    Wikia Bot

    February 7, 2018 by MichaelWilemonTheMime

    We definitely need a Wikia bot.

    Don't call it stupid pls.

    And we need it for more people to edit this wiki. It needs to get more popular.

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  • MichaelWilemonTheMime
    • (The episode begins with light snow)
    • Lola: It's snowing! I hope it gets LARGER so we can play in it!
    • Lana: I have my lucky bugger.
    • Lola: Ewwwwwwww! Lana show some respect!
    • Lincoln: (talking to audience) Light snow. I hope it gets LARGER
    • Lynn: It has to be a blizzard 
    • Rita: Snow, NO!!!
    • Lynn Sr: Why not, Rita?
    • Rita: They go CRAZY! And we have to get water off the floor.
    • Lynn Sr. Don't worry, they won't do it.
    • TBA
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  • MichaelWilemonTheMime

    i am back!

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  • MichaelWilemonTheMime

    Episode 2. If anyone wants to be in crew, ask me.

    • Lincoln:(watering the plants) Ahh. Nothing like watering plants, before a garden party. But you ask, what is a garden party? A garden party is a party in the garden. And people come. All our neighbors come to the party. And our friends too. Thats how a garden party works.
    • Lori:Hey Lincoln. Do you need help with the garden?
    • Lincoln:Yeah. You can pull out some weeds. The garden is all messed up with weeds.
    • Lori:Thanks Lincoln. 
    • Lincoln:Your welcome. Just dont jerk em.
    • Lincoln(sets up food on a picnic table. Nearly done, he sees a bunny trying to eat carrots) Hey Bunny! Get out of here! Your messing up our carrots. (Looks at a carrot as the bunny hops away) Aww. These need harvesting though. (He pul…
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  • MichaelWilemonTheMime

    Episode 1. Posting this on blog cause its more pouplar.

    • Linc: (cooks popcorn) Ahh.. I love popcorn. But do you know when its worse?
    • Kids:What?
    • Linc: When my sisters show up, we always fight over the popcorn. Its so bad.
    • (Sisters shown up) Lincoln:Uhh uhh. I am not having popcorn.
    • Luan:Yes you are.
    • Lincoln:No.
    • Lori:I see a bowl. Thats a clue.
    • Luna:That popcorns saying "hand me over bro!"
    • Lincoln:Popcorn dosent talk.
    • Lynn:Uhhh... I think i will play it as balls.
    • Lori:Lynn. That's disgusting.
    • Lynn:Why?
    • Lori:Mud. Rain.
    • Lynn:Oh.
    • Lucy:Are they the presidents of the United States?
    • Lori:Uhh.. No.
    • Lucy:They better.
    • Lola and Lana:WE WANT TO HAVE THE POPCORN!
    • Lisa:Thats light popcorn.
    • Lola:Why?
    • Lana:Is it light instead of dark?
    • Lisa:Not that kind. Light popcorn.
    • Lily:Poo-p…
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