The Cousins of Lincoln; Lance, Louis and Levi come to the Loud house for an unexpected visit and most of the sisters have the best time of their lives with them around


Chp. 1 - Enter the Loud Cousins

It's a sunny shiny day and the Loud siblings are having a pool party when all of a sudden their mom comes out

Mom: Gather round kids! I have an announcement to make!

[All the kids and pets gather around to listen]

Mom: Now as you all know, every year around the summer, Lincoln's cousins come to visit for the whole summer, and I just got a call from their mom and they said that they're coming tomorrow. So be on your best behavior.

[Mom walks back in]

Lincoln: It's always good to see more members of your family come for a visit but when you're living with 10 other sisters, itt's going to be highly imposible.

[Next Morning]

Mom: Kids! Licoln's cousins are here!

Lincoln: I got the door mom! [Rushes to the door and opens it]

Lance: Hey Lincolnator!

Lincoln: Lance!

[Lincoln and Lance do their special Loud handshake]

Lincoln: Who is this?

Louis: The name's Louis. Lance's Big brother and Levi here is my little brother.


Lincoln: Girls come here! [The girls rush in] This is Lance, Levi and Louis my cousins.

Lisa: Lisa

Louis: Delighted

Lola: Lola

Lana: Lana

Lance: Thrilled

Lynn: Lynn

Luna: Luna

Luan: Luan

Levi: Enchanted

Leni: Leni

Louis: Pleased

Lori: Lori

Lance:................[Sarcasticlly] AMAZED

[Lori becomes confused and gets back to texting]

Lincoln: [To Lance] Careful with her, she's a fiesty one

Lance: Believe me, I can deal with fiesty JUST. FINE.

Louis: Come on Lance let's not get a little hasty here besides, who are you talking about Linc?

Leni:.......Who's Linc?

Lincoln: One, he's talking about me and two, [whispers] he was talking about Lori

Louis: Which one is that

Lori: Right here nerd

Lance: [To Louis] Can I hit her?

Louis: Easy tiger I haven't made my move yet

Lucy: What Move?


Louis: Does that happen alot?

Lincoln: Sadly. Yes. That's Lucy

Lance: I wonder where she came from the graveyard?

Louis: LANCE! Manners

Lucy: It's okay. I'd love to live a graveyard one day. It might help me advance to my poetic passion

[Record scratches]

Lance: O........kay [Backs away slowly]

Chp. 2 - Louis Makes A Move

Louis: Okay enough with the sappy talk. Time to get some buisness done. [To Lori] old are you?

Lori: 17

Louis: I'm 20

[Lori gets excited]

Lance: What is this?

Louis: I don't know

Lisa: According to caculations, due the expression of Lori's face, it would seem to me that she is now expriencing the same routine of a romantic bond between a man and woman from the very first crush she's drooled over

Lance: Sorry to ask this..Um...Lisa right?

Lisa: Affirmative

Lance: Okay but what does that mean In English?

Lisa: Well apology is accepted and it basiclly means that she's falling in love all over again

Louis: [Gulps]

Lincoln: Wait. What about Bobby?

Lori:............Oh yeah. I do love Bobby. Hey Louis why don't we do something together

Louis: That'd be cool

[Lori and Louis leave the room]

Lisa: Don't worry. Lori still has a heart for Bobby. She'll love Louie only as a cousin

Lance: It's actually Louis but however you call him is fine by me

Lisa: [Smiles and leaves the room]

Lincoln: Well now that's taken care of, why don't I show you the rest of the house

Lance: I think Levi has already found the living room

[Levi Sleeps on the couch snoring]

Lance:.......You'll get use to it

Lincoln: Don't worry; Lori snores to

Lance:....Of course.... HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! Lincoln did you know that Louis snores too right

Lincoln: Really!!!

Lance: yes really he snores so loud that i sometimes have to sleep on the couch

Lincoln: WAIT! i just realized something

Lance: whats that

Lincoln: Thats something else they have in common

Lance: oh boy looks like there going to have a good day

Chp. 3 - Lori and Louis discover their bond

(Lori and Louis are in in his and Lances bedroom)

Lori: wait so you also own a device

Louis: why in fact i do i own a ipad


Louis: i know right

Lori: wow Louis i didnt know that you and me had so much in common its like we are brother and sister almost

Louis: Hey. You know what? You're right. We ARE like brother and sister

[Doorbell Rings]


Louis: [With accent] That's-a our cue!

Lori: [giggles], You're funny



Lance: Hard earned money and Coupons

Everyone Else: [With a smile] Of course

Lance: One stack of for the younglings, the second is for the middle-aged, and the last stack is for us

Lincoln: What about Lilly?

Lance: I already got that covered [pulls out her sippy cup full of liquified pizz]

Lilly: [giggles], poo-poo



Lori: I got Canadian Bacon!

Louis: Me to!

Lori and Louis: AWESOME!

Lance: Full count, Bases loaded, 2 outs. HERE'S THE 3-2 SLIDER! WIDE! REAL WIDE!

Lynn: Gotcha!

Lance: TOUCHDOWN! Yeah! Oh. hey. Lynn Go long! GO LONG! [Throws a slice]


Lance: That's what I'm talking about. W-I-Double N-E-R That's Winner! Don't hate the player hate the game! YEAH WHO'S YOUR DADDY!

[Lynn and Lance do a Victory Dance]

Lance and Lynn: CHEERS!

[Everyone stares jaw dropped]

Lance: ..........What? You never seen Pizza action like that before?

[Everyone looks at everyone else.........EVERYONE CHEERS]

Lance: Ladies and Gentle Louds, LET THE FEAST BEGIN!

[Everyone eats........2 hours later]

Louis: [groaning] stomach full, rooms spinning

Lance: I can't eat anymore [burps], forever; And I was going to break my record of eating 2 pizzas

Other Louds: RECORD?

Lance: yeah. Back where I come from I use to eat 2 pizzas in one day

Other Louds: Oooooooooooooh

Lynn: I even tried to eat one

Lance: Join the club Lynn-z. I got jackets

[Lynn becomes confused]

Lance: ......nick name

Lynn: Ohhhhhhh

[the rest of the louds come up to Lance for nick names]

Loud Sisters: Can I have a nick name? Don't make mine embarrassing! I want a nick name to!

Lance: WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Not so fast. okay......ATTENTION!

[All Louds Stand in Military Form]

Lance: At ease soldiers.

[All sigh]

Lance: Now [get's hit from Lilly's sippy cup] Ow! CARL! Oh....Sorry Munchkin

[Lilly giggles]

Lance: Well I guess Munchkin will go for Lilly. Okay.....Lisa......hmmmm......How about Brainiac

Lisa: .......Affirmative

Lance: Divagator and Mud Mole

Lola and Lana: [THUMBS UP]

Lance: Funnybones and [British Accent] Note Bloke

Luan: I guess I have a SKELE-TON of comedy in my body

[Luan, Lance and Louis Laugh and the others groan.....Lance GROWLS......Lana meows like a cat in fear and everyone else whimpers like a dog]

Lance: NOW THEN......Lincoln.....How about....THE MAN

Lincoln: Both smooth and on the down low. I Like it

Lance: Now....Leni....Obviously.....FASHIONISTA

Leni: [Gasps]........That's totes Awesome!

Lance: and Lori...........How about......Tech-wiz?

Lori: Tech-wiz?......Wiz?.......OHHHHHHH I get it

Lance: Well I guess that's everyone

Lucy: You forgot me

[Everyone Jumps]

Lance: SERIOUSLY!? AGAIN!?.......Man this little Loud is surely giving the creeps......Wait....Creeps.....Creep....How about........[echo] THE CREEPER

Lucy:..........I Like it

Lance: Okay just one rule. Don't use your nick names every time one of us calls okay?

All: Sir! YES SIR!

Lance: Hey. What did I tell you about that? I said at ease

All: Oh yeah

Lance: Alright.....Carry on

[All the Louds leave the room leaving Lance to Clean up]

Lance: [Struggling] Man! how many jeggings does Lori actually Need?


Lance: Wha?.....Oh.....Luan.........Lola........Lisa........Lana.....and Luna.......The rat is the cleanest one

[Lance Heads upstairs]

Lori: [Singsongy] Oh Lance!

Lance: [Growls].......WHAT!?

Lori: Could you wash my Tank tops as well?

Lance: Sure I would love to wash your tank tops......[Mumbling to himself] In your dreams

[Lori Throws her Tank tops to Lance]

Lance: Ohhhhhhhhhh boy

Chp. 4 - TOO LOUD!

[In the laundry room]

Lance: Well at least Her Jeggings are finished [Folds the Jeggings in a flash, walks backwards and trips over Lori's Shorts]

Lance: [sighs]....Lori

[In the kitchen - Lance is washing the dishes and find's Lori's dirty plate right next to him]

Lance: [Gets a little upset] Lori!

[Lincoln's Bedroom - Lincolin, Lance, Louis, and Levi are all sleeping seprately; Lance wakes up with a note on his forehead]

Lori's Voice: Lance clean my bedroom, make me breakfast and clean the car or I'll tell mom that you've been seductive to all of us

Lance: [GROWLS IN ANGER AND YELLS IN AN ECHO] LORRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Turns To the camera] Ever wondered what it be like to have the fourth oldest sibling in one's family boss you around cause you're older? This has happened to me ALL THE TIME.

Levi: Lance what's going on?

Louis: Yeah Dude. What's the skizzle-fizzle?

Lincoln: I heard the squeal, What's the deal?

Lance: Oh I'LL TELL YOU WHAT THE DEAL IS! Seems though I got a lot of chores for one specific person. and If I don't get them done, Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho baby it's not going to be pretty

Lincoln: Oh no. Please don't tell me

Lance: Yep

Levi: You can't be serious. You're saying that it's............

Lance: Oh Yeah....None other than

Lance, Levi and Lincoln: [In unison] LORI

Louis: I don't know guys. She's actually kinda cool once you get to know her

Lance and Levi: [In unison] GET TO KNOW HER?

Louis: Duh! I mean why would the oldest blonde of the Loud house do something devious like that? I mean Seriously

Levi: Cause she feels like she gets to boss the younger siblings around like we're her slaves

Lance: Cause that's EXACTLY what Lori loves to do. Other than chit-chatting on her voice box of technical toxic

Levi: You mean her phone


Lincoln: I hear you guys. She's been doing this to me all my life



Lincoln:.......Ooooh "Don't get your hair in a knot" that's a good one I have to write that down

Lance: Feel free to use it Lincoln cause all I need is [PULLS OUT DINO-SABER] THIS

Louis: Lance

Lance: [sighs] alright. Not this. But when I die, Lori stays away from my funeral

Lori: LANCE!

Lance: I'M COMING! [Slams Door]

Lincoln: Man I wonder what happens when he TOTALY Loses it

Levi: OHHH PLEASE his anger is so crazy....

Louis: ...that he might get a little physical OR WORSE!

Lincoln: Whoa man!

Louis: I know right

Levi: I just hope that Lori doesn't get that experience

Lincoln: or maybe she might.

Levi, Louis and Lincoln: Who Knows?

Lance: Whew!

Lola: Hi Lance

Lance: Well if it isn't Lola. How's it going

Lola: Just peachy. Just have to put this plate in the dish washer

Lance: Allow me [takes Lola's plate and cleans it] There ya go!

Lola: Thanks

Lance: just don't tell the others about this ESPECIALLY LORI. She's been a pain in my tail for too long

Lola: My Lips are ss-wait a minute. It's been just 2 weeks

Lance: Feels like a long time to me

Lola: Toche' and my lips are sealed

Lance: good. Hey Luna!

Luna: [Slides in] What's up little dude?

Lance: Up for some [Pulls out guitar] ROCK N' ROLL!? [Plays Riff]

Luna: YOU BET I AM! [Plays Riff]

[Lance and Luna Play a Guitar duet]

Lance: Luna! show me what you got

Luna: Can do bro! [plays solo]. Last measure is yours kids

Lance: [Plays Solo and ends it Howls like a wolf]

[Luna's Jaw drops]

Luna: Dude you might wanna call an astronomer cause your solo is....

Lance Don't tell me....

Luna and Lance: OUT OF THIS WORLD! [Both Laugh]

Lance: Okay I gotta get outta here before Lori gets a hold of......

Lori: LANCE!

Lance: To late

Lori: These clothes aren't going to wash themselves [Throws a bundle of clothes at Lance] Get to it Pipsqueak

Lance: [to himself] that's not the only thing I should wash

[Luna Snickers]


Lance: Nothing! Looks like I got Laundry to take care of

Luna: I'll help

Lola: and Me

Other Louds: AND ME

Lance: You'd Really help me out?

Luan: We can't just LEAF you out of the TREE [Lance and Luan Laugh]

Lana: She's right. We're family and we stick together even if Lori gets a little crazy or should I say A LOT CRAZY

Other Louds: TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Lance: HEY! That's my line

[All Laugh]

Lance: Okay Boys and girls let's cleaning

Lori: .......So Lance is having a little bit of help......I think it's time to give him a heartbreaking experience

[In the Laundry room and the progress is going perfectly]

Lance: Okay guys I'm going to get some water for all of us. I'll be right back [heads upstairs]

[Lori comes out with a sneaky smile]

Lori: Hey Leni did Lance ever tell you that [whispers in Leni's ear]

Leni: [gasps] he said that!?

Lori: Luna.

Luna: What's up Lori?

Lori: Lance said that [Whispers in Luna's ear]

Luna; WHAT!? That hurts man

[Various scenes of Lori whispering in the other Loud's ears]

Lance: Hey guys I'm back. Sorry it took so long. I had to drive to the store to get us some water and then talk about the traffic wow. Alright here you go [Passes out the water to everyone else]. Okay let's get back to work

Lola: Why should we help a no-good insulting jerk like you!?

Lance: What?

Luna: Don't try to play dumb dude. We know you said it

Lance: Guys please I didn't say anything mean

Lana: Oh yeah? Prove it

Lance: Prove it? Okay...Lola listen, You might give me a little bit of grief but I've never called you anything like that

Lola: Really?

Lance: Of course and Leni I always love what you're wearing. it's ALWAYS CUTE. Everyone Listen to me. I get a little mad at you guys but I would say any of those things Come on bring it in

[All hug]

Lance: Okay who in the world said all those things?

Leni: Lori


[Lance's eyes twitching]

Luna: Dude are you alright?

Louis: Oh no, Stage 1

[Lance begins to shake]

Levi: ......Stage 2

Lana: Lance?

[Lance starts starts growling]

Lincoln: [To Louis] is this stage 3?

Louis: Yep



Levi: The freak actually gets out!

Lance: THAT IS IT! Time to Give that Lori a piece of my Mind!

[Runs upstairs]

Lincoln: LANCE! WAIT! [everyone else follows him]

[Lori is texing on her phone and Lance Kicks the door in]

Lori: What do you want?

[Lance doesn't answer in anger]

Lori: Well?

[Lance Closes the door and Locks it]

Lori: Uh why'd you lock the door?.........[Getting scared] everything alright?...........Lance!? [SCREAMS IN FRIGHT]

Lance: [Turns to the camera] Like I said to some of the Louds Inner strength leads to your inner place; but revenge....[Looks outside from the window] Leads to a dark and stinking place

[Scared from Lance, Lori is in a trash bag out in the backyard]

[Back inside]

Lance: Let this be a lesson Lori. You mess with me, and you pay the price

Louis: I'm glad that you didn' know

Lance: Kill her? Psssh! Please I'm not that crazy

Chp. 5 - Loud House Fun Surprises

[Leni, Lance and Luan are having bouncy fun]

Leni: Um.....Lance......I don't understand this

Luan: Don't worry, you'll get a SRPING in your step once you HOP to it [Laughs]

Lance: Luan you're such a card. Now Leni it's easy. Just sit down, hold onto the hand and bounce around

Leni: WAIT! I need to change clothes!

Lance: [looks down from Leni's head to toe]........OH! I get it

[Screen scrolls to Leni's Play clothes]

Lance: Okay you ready?

Leni: WAIT!

Lance: What's up?

Luan: The sky?

Lance: [Laughs].....Not now Luan

Luan: Oops...Sorry [Smiles]

Lance: so what is it?

Leni: How do you actually keep going?

Lance: Okay Leni I'll show you [Jumps on the ball]

Leni: [Leni jumps on the ball then bounces off]....ow........I'M OKAY

[Screen scroll]

Lance: Okay Leni get on with just ONE. LEG. At a time

[Leni gets on, sits down and starts to wobble]

Lance: [Makes Leni Steady] WHOA there blondie. There we go


Lance: No no no no no no no. That's just a regular holding handle

Leni: Oh

Lance: Okay [Grabs Leni's shoulders] hold on [makes Leni bounce]

Leni: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! What's happening?

Lance: Don't worry just hold on to the handle

[Leni holds the handle]

Luan: I knew you'd HOP up to the challenge [Starts Bouncing]

Leni: Yeah I think I got it!


Lance: Oh boy. Luan could you teach the cute blonde the rest of the ropes?

Luan: I'll BOUNCE To it [Laughs]

Lance: [Smiles] Oh Luan. Coming Lori!


[Lance comes upstairs to Lori's room]

Lori: WHAT! IS! THIS!?

Lance: Oh I see you noticed the slumbertron

Lori: [Dazed] Slumbertron

Lance: check it. I even added a Trampoline next to it so that you can litterally "Jump" into bed

Lori: [Jumps on the trampoline onto the bed] woo!

Lance: It....Adjusts.....heats......cools....and even.....

[Pushes a button and bed vibrates]

Lance: Massages

Lori: {shaky] ooooooohhhhh thiiiiii iiiiiis awwwwwwsoooooooome

Lance: it also has soothing sounds and a humidifier

Lori: does it really?

Lance Really

Lori: oooooooh and it's sooooooo comfy

Louis: Yeah? INCOMIIIIIIIIIIIING! [Jumps onto the bed]

Lori: [Flies off and lands on the floor] WHOA! Oof! And so is the floor


Lance: Please excuse me Loritta. I'll be right back

Lori: [dazed] take your time

Lola: Lance did you set up this little stage in the backyard!?

Lance: Yeah with all that money I saved from my job, I decided to give you some more fashion friendly

Lola: [tackles Lance and Kisses him rapidly]

Lance: [Laughs]....oh! Alright that's enough. Knock it off. [Tickles Lola]

Lola: [Laughs] STOP IT!

[Lance Stops Tickling Lola]

Lola: [sighs]

[Cuts to Luna's Room]

Lance: Enjoying your new new equipment girlfriend?

Luna: [British accent] Cheers mate. Bang up job. I love it

Lance: I thought so

Lincoln: Anything for me?

Lance: New comic's in your room

Lincoln: WHAT!? [Rushes to his room]

Lance: Always loves a new comic. [Follows him]

Lincoln: WHOA! Skull fighter issuse #25! THIS HASN'T BEEN Released in store! HOW'D YOU GET IT!?

Lance: Well the producer saw how clean his studio was when I cleaned it and as a tip he gave me that

Lincoln: ........BEST! DAY! EVER! [Turns to the camera] When It comes to Lance he always surprises us. I just hope we don't become too over-dramatic about this

[The Next Day]

Lance: [Sleeping then wakes up in fright] AHH!

[The Loud Sisters Talk over what they want from Lance]

Lincoln: I guess I spoke too soon

Chp. 6 - The Sweet Spot (Re-done) Part 1

Lincoln: [to the viewers] Ah, road trips. That beloved tradition for families everywhere. Tomorrow, the Loud family's going on a trip of our own. , right? Not with 16 of us packed into the family wagon. Or as we affectionately call it: 'Vanzilla'. [looks down at the family van] Every seat in Vanzilla offers one kind of torture or another." [pulls up his mattress to reveal the above  of the van; circles the third seat from the front row]"Getting stuck next to Lily's car seat is no good.

[Flashback; Lincoln is seen reading his book. Offscreen, Lily's saliva gets on it.]

Lincoln: Gah! Lily!

[Lily throws a beet, juice, and finally another beet at Lincoln. The boy is rendered unconscious.] [Cut back to Lincoln's room; Lincoln x's out that seat and points to the back row.]

Lincoln: The back row is so far away from Mom and Dad, that it turns into the wild, wild west.

[Flashback; Lola and Lana look at each other angrily while Lincoln is seen with a comic book and soda between them.]

Lola: Stop looking at me.

Lana: You stop looking at me!

[Lola and Lana fight near Lincoln. The fight stops shortly with Lincoln looking messy.]

Lincoln: Come on! We haven't even left the driveway yet!

[Cut back to Lincoln's room; Lincoln crosses out the back row and points to the first seat from the front.]

Lincoln: And this seat has the exact opposite problem.


Lincoln: [voiceover] It's right in Dad's sight line.

Lynn Sr.: "Feet off the seat!

[Lincoln looks at Lynn Sr., whose furious eyes can be seen in the driver's mirror. He scowls and takes his

foot off; a sappy tune plays over the radio.]

Lincoln: Plus, it's next to the one-working speaker.

Lynn Sr.: Ooh, honey. It's our prom theme. Prrrrrrrr!

[He turns up the music even louder, much to Lincoln's annoyance.]

[Cut back to Lincoln's room; he x's out that seat.]

Lincoln: And the rest of the seats only get worse. [shown here are still flashbacks of Lincoln on the other seats that aren't useful for him] There's the sticky, the soggy, the springy, and the slanty. [x's out more seats until he points to the first seat from the second row] From my calculations, that leaves just one seat safe from it all. I call it 'The Sweet Spot.' And tomorrow, it will be mine, 'cause I'm gonna stake it out tonight.

[Lincoln notices that everyone else in the house has fallen asleep.]

Lincoln: There's my cue. Everyone's asleep. It's go time.

[Lincoln tiptoes out of his room. He steps on Cliff's tail. Cliff meows loudly in pain until Lincoln pets him to sleep. He goes out the house and into the car.]

Lincoln: [takes out his radio] Come in, Nose Bleeder. This is Road Tripper.

Clyde: Sorry, Road Tripper. I have to keep the line for my friend Lincoln.

Lincoln: This is Lincoln.

Clyde: Oh. Hi, Lincoln!

Lincoln: Operation Sweet Spot is a success. I've secured the seat.

Clyde: Copy That. Over and out

Lincoln: [whispers] Finally! It's mine

Lance: [Whispers] Psst! Lincoln!......Over Here!

Lincoln: Huh? [Get's out Quietly, Whispers] Lance?

Lance: [Whispers] Up here!

[Lincoln climbs to the top of the van quietly as he can]

Lance: Welcome to SUV heaven

Louis: The #1 one sweet spot of all SUV's

Lincoln: Whoa Nelly

Louis: Whoa Nelly indeed Lincolnator. See, We've been watching you trying to get the main sweet spot for countless years

Lance: and we just had to do something about it

Lincoln: Wait. You didn't pay for all this did you?

Lance: Nope. We built this with our bare hands. I took care of the food and furniture

Louis: and I took care of the electrical wiring. We also Soundproof this place so no one will hear us, Installed an inviso-shield so none of your sisters will see us

Lance: We even put in speakers in case we want to hear what they're talking about

Lincoln: But what about Mom and Dad?

Lance and Louis: We got that taken care of to

Lance: We talked to your parents about this situation and they said you can have your own spot in the car. It does get a little "LOUD" in the van so they admit

[Louis plays a rim shot]

[They all snicker]

Lincoln: Thanks you guys are the best

Lance: No Probleme compadre'

Louis: It's Cool

Lincoln: Now THIS is what I call the Sweet Spot

[Echo pan "sweet spot"]

Lincoln: And Nothing can touch us. [rolls down the window] Hey, guys. What's up?

Lance: Lori Got you digging your own grave again with Lucy?

Lori: HEY!

Lola: What are you up to, Lincoln?

Lincoln: [acting] Me? I'm not up to anything. Just, you know, catching some Z's in the car like guys do.

Lori: [livid] Oh yeah? Then what's...THIS?

[They show Lincoln his seating chart, having found out about his operation]

Lincoln: [infuriated] You went in my room?!

Lori: That's not the hot issue right now.

Lance: [threatening and backing Lincoln up] Yeah it'll BE an issue when I rip you apart and sell you and your phone for scrap!

Lori: [Hides behind Leni in fright]

Louis: [calmly] Lance, Take it easy

Lana: What's the Sweet Spot? And why are you in it?

Lincoln: Oh, it''s the worst seat in the whole car! I put myself in it so none of you would have to suffer.

Lucy: Then why is it called the Sweet Spot?

Lincoln: Because I'm being sweet?

Lisa: [calculating on the trunk door] According to my calculations, the Sweet Spot is actually the best seat in the car for various reasons including air circulation, proximity to parental units, and the lack of chewable adhesive on the cushion.

Lincoln: [outraged] It took me eight months to figure that out! [He headpalms in frustration, as his sisters glare angrily at him]

Lisa: Shocker

Louis and Lance: Big Shocker

Lori: [from behind Leni] Well, if that's the best seat, then I should get it. [Look down at her siblings] I'm the fourth oldest

Luna: You'd just barf all over it, dude! I should have it!

Lance: Touche' compadre

Lola: Beauty before age!

Lana: [retorts] Yeah! So I should get it!

Louis: I'm smell loophole!

Lola and Lana: LOUIS!

Louis: Well it is

Luna: That seat belongs to me!

Leni: No! I want it!

Lincoln: You can yell all you want, but I'm already in the seat. And possession is 9/10 of the law.

Lynn: [threatening] You're gonna possess a bruise in a minute!

Lance: [threatening back] Not if I have anything to say about it [Muscles cock like a gun]

Lynn: [whines like a dogs and hides behind Luan]

Lori: Oh Puh-lease! You think you're threats are going to stop us from getting the sweet spot? Face it Lance you may be a cool kid but your just as twerpy as Lincoln.

Lance: [GASPS]

Lori: You got no game against us. So why don't just stick to your rich gift sending and we'll take care of the situation as we ALWAYS do.

Lance: [Lance glares at the girls then at Louis for permission to take action]

Louis: ..............[in the voice of Stitch] Okay

Lance: [glares at the girls and growls like a dog]

Lola: [Shivering] t-t-t-t-t-take it easy. W-w-w-we're still cool right?

Lance: [demonic voice] We're only cool on some terms. But this time I make the rules and the only rule here is, LINCOLN GETS THE SWEET SPOT! [clenches fists and walks to the girls slowly making them back up]

Lisa: Oop! That's 1

Lance: [Steam comes out his head]

Lola and Lana: 2

Lance: [turns red]

Luna: That's 3 man

Luan: He's going to become savage at any minute

Lance: [Growls like a lion]

Lucy:........Okay............Stage 4 is super scary right now.


[the girls run and scream back inside the house and Lori slams the door]

Lisa: I'm not very fond of uncivilized behavior in fear but [screams and runs back to the house, opens and slams the door]

Lance: [Levels down] And don't come back unless you learn to respect the man!

[5 of the 10 sisters cry from inside the house]

Louis: Owwwchee-wa-wa! That's a lot of rage

Lincoln: I'll say. I've never seen that type of rage before in my entire life

Lance: [walks back to the car] You'll get use to it

[Lincoln and Louis with a sad kind of look, look at the house with shadows of 5 crying girls and decides to head inside for a chat]

Lincoln: [to the viewers] I gotta tell you. Lance can be pretty tough to get along with especially when my sisters threaten me but what makes me sad is seeing that my sisters become scared of his anger. I don't know if they'll probably go easy but [walks in the house] we're going to find out soon

[inside the house, Lola, Lana, Leni, Luan and Lori are crying in fear while the other five are balled up]

Lincoln: Alright stop the water works please

[Girls gasp and cower in the comer of the living room]

Lola: [shaking] W-w-w-w-w-w-w-we now understand the message now Lincoln. You can have the sweet spot. JUST DON'T LET LANCE GET TO STAGE 4 AGAIN! [SCREAMS]

Lincoln: Lola Calm down. He's just blowing off steam

Lori: Yeah Maybe a little too much steam!

Lincoln: You want me to cancel the trip?

Girls: [calmly] No

Lincoln: Exactly

Louis: and don't worry, I'll try to keep him under control

[all the girls gulp]

Chp. 7 - The Sweet Spot (Re-done) Part 2

[all the Louds head outside. Lori, Lola and Lynn stand way behind following them]

Lori: [Looking inside the car then turns to the others] Well, Lance is not here maybe we call it a night. Bye! [dashes back to the house]

Louis: LORI! Get back here

Lori: [whimpers then comes back]

Lance: [inside the new sweet spot] Who do they think they are? Just because they're family they think they can talk down on Lincoln like that? Like trash? I DON'T THINK SO

Lola: He's in a bad mood. [backs almost everyone] Abort Mission

Lincoln: [hugs Lola] We're in this together little sister. Don't worry we'll be fine

Leni: Let me try something. After all, he likes me the best

Lori: [confused] Why would he like YOU the best?

Leni: [smiling] He called me a beautiful blonde

Other Louds: [smiling] Awwwwwwww

Lori: ...............Then what does that make me?...........[turns to the camera] seriously what does that make me?

Leni: [sing songy voice] Ohhhhh Lancey-Wanceyyyyyy

Lance: [From inside] Leni?

Leni: Yes it's me. You're beautiful blonde

Lance: [head pops out] What's up buttercup?

Leni: I'm no buttercup. I'm Leni

Lance: [shakes his head with a smile].....Oh Leni. Anyway, what is it?

Lori: Go get him killer

[The other Loud sisters dash and hide in different parts of the house leaving Leni, Louis and Lincoln]


Lance: ..........I overdid the anger again did I

Louis: We're afraid so

Lance: Aww bubble biscuits!

Lincoln: But hey it's okay. We can help. If you get to stage four again........

Leni: STAGE 4!?

Lincoln: [calms Leni down] Easy Leni. Take a breather

Leni: [fanning herself] okay, okay, okay....okay......phew!

Lincoln: Now like I was saying, if you get to stage 4 again, We'll help cool down the bomb that's about to blow in your head

Loud Sisters: A BOMB!?

Louis: Metaphorically speaking, it's his anger we're talking about

Loud Sisters: Ohhhhhhhhhhh

Louis: So Lance. What do you say? Wanna give the girls another chance?

Lance: Hmmmmm. Let me answer that with one of my own...........If you want me to give you another chance, What am I to do with these big.....fat...........CARNIVAL TICKETS!

[All the louds gasp...........then scream in delight]

Lance: Thar' She Blows! Climb aboard Mates!

Lori: I may be the oldest and can drive but I CALL SHOTGUN!

[The other Louds rush to the car]

Lincoln: [turns to the viewers] What can I say. We finally got us a family trip and this time we got a new upgrade and Lance...He's not bad once you get use to him.....[whispers] just don't get him too angry [winks]

Lance: And now, The Pièce De Résistance.

[Lance pushes a button from the top of the new sweet spot and a camera scrolls out in the middle of the car]

other louds: A BUILT IN CAMERA!? Thanks Lance

Lance: Anytime

Leni: Are we there yet?

All Louds: We didn't even leave yet

[all the Louds laugh as Lance starts the car and leaves the driveway]

Chp. 8 - Carny Party

[The Loud Van is nearly at the carnival]

Lincoln: Ahhh the carnival the #1 place to let your inner child run free and get sick from the thrasher flasher


Lance: Well guys and gals here we are......[Car stops like a horse] Whooaaaaa trusty steed!

[The Louds get out of the car in excitement]

Lori: OMG! This is literally going to be the best day ever!

Louis: and it's gonna get better. Yo Bob!

Bobby: What's up Lou?

Lori: (Gasps), Boo-boo bear!

Bobby: Babe!

Bobby and Lori: What are you doing here? What am I doing here?

Lori: Uhhh...You start

Bobby: Louis gave me a call and told me that you guys were going on a little trip and he asked if I could join

Lori: Oh Louis! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! [kisses Louis on the cheek]

Louis: [blushes and shivers with a smile]

Bobby: Come on Babe, I got something special for you

Lori: Oh Boo-boo bear

[Lori and Bobby walk in the carnival together with hooked arms]

Loud Girls: Awwwwwww

Lance: I know. Young Love

Louis: They say it never lasts

Luna: Hey where's that other dude? Levi

Lance: Oh Levi? he's at the house taking care of Lilly. He's a professional

Other Louds: Oh

Lance: Now Listen guys we're all going to stay together as one big group. I want everyone to grab a partner so nobody would get.......

[Lance is all alone]

Lance:........(Sighs).....Of course......D'OH WHAT THE HECK [dashes in] Arcade HERE I COME!

[Lincoln and Louis are on the Thrasher Flasher]


Louis: IT'S LIKE A RIDE AT A AMUSEMENT PARK! Like at [Freeze Frame] Universal Studios [Cha-ching, frame unfreezes]

[Luna is seen at the arcade Rocking out on her guitar]


[picture highlights of the Loud Family having fun]

[The Louds return to the House]

Lynn: Okay. That was awesome!

Luna: Totally!

Lori: Oh that Bobby was literally dreamy

Louis: Let's save the love talk for another time. Right now it's time to hit the sack

[Louis opens the door and the house is still clean]

Lori: [whispers with a smile] Ssshhh

[All the Louds tip-toe to their rooms]

Lincoln: [Whispers to the viewers in his room] So it turns out that I did get the sweet spot and the trip was pretty cool. I almost wish that this wouldn't have to end [strips to his PJ's and jumps in bed] but that's going to wait another time [Yawns]

[camera turns to the outside of the loud house with Lincoln shutting off the light]

Chp. 9 - Save The Date Re-Done

[Lincoln at school sitting with his friends at the lunch table trying to get something out of his pants. It eventually comes out, and it's a sloppy joe with a note on it.]

CLASSMATE #4: (reading the note) Happy Sloppy Joe Tuesday, Lame-o. Signed, Ronnie Anne. (he says her name with flair)

CLASSMATE #3: And there's a heart!

CLASSMATES #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 AND CLYDE: Oooooooo! Lincoln's got a girlfriend!

LINCOLN: What?! No I don't.

CLASSMATE #3: When's the wedding day, Lincoln?

[The classmates, including Clyde, laugh.]

LINCOLN: Ha-ha. Very funny, guys.

CLASSMATES: 🎶 Ronnie and Lincoln sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. 🎶 [they start laughing again]

LINCOLN: Guys, Ronnie Anne is NOT my girlfriend. She's rude and gross and totally annoying. I'd rather lick the bathroom floor than kiss that weirdo.

[A gasp is heard, and it turns out it came from Ronnie Anne. Lincoln turns around and is shocked to see her.]

LINCOLN: Ronnie Anne!

[Ronnie Anne is at first shocked but then puts on an angry scowl and storms out of the lunch room with her food tray in her hands.]

CLYDE: Whoa, Lincoln, I think you really hurt her feelings.

LINCOLN: C'mon, Clyde, Ronnie Anne is the toughest girl at school. She'll be fine.

[Later that day, Lincoln is coming home after school and Lance is outside with Lola]

Lance: Hey Lincolnator. How was school?

Lincoln: Little tough on some of the edges but it was alright

Lance: Uh...Levi would you mind playing with Lola for a bit?

Levi: On it

Lance: Louis...

Louis: No need to say anything else dude. I'm on my way

[The three Loud boys go inside]

Lincoln: Guys I'm home

Lincoln, Louis and Lance: WHOA BABY!

Lance: Somebody really let this place go

LORI: YOU MONSTER! [she screams, throwing a tissue box]


[Lance and Louis doge the box but it hits Lincoln]


Lance and Louis: Oooh! Sorry Dude

Lincoln: Okay one, It's alright guys and two, What was that for!?

LORI: You made Ronnie Anne CRY!

LINCOLN: Cry? I didn't mean to! Wait, how do you know?

[Lori tries to aim a teddy bear at Lincoln.]

LORI: Bobby told me... [starts to cry] RIGHT BEFORE HE BROKE UP WITH ME!!

Louis: Bobby broke up with you? Awww you poor thing. Come here [Hugs Lori] Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh. There, there it'll be alright

Lori: [crying] I don't know if it would be

LINCOLN: But wait. Why does Bobby care? 

[Lori tries to aim a couch cushion at Lincoln; she opens a photo album showing a picture of Bobby and Ronnie Anne together]

LORI: Because Bobby is literally Ronnie Anne's brother! He said he could never date someone related to someone who hurt someone he's related to! Or something like that!

Lance and LINCOLN: Ronnie Anne has a brother?

Lance: That's something you don't see everyday.

Lincoln: I thought she was raised by trolls.

Lance: Uh dude, Isn't that what he was talking

[Lori throws a bunch of CDs in rapid fire fashion; Lincoln shields himself with the cushion but they all hit Lance]


Louis: Lori let's not do something we might regret later. Remember Lance gets angry when THREATS ARE IN MONTION

{Lori chases after Lincoln, who hides behind the chair; he trips, and Lori catches him and holds him up by his shirt]

LORI: You have to make things right with Ronnie Anne!

LINCOLN: Okay! Okay! I'll call her right now and apologize! (picks up the phone)

LORI: NO! (hangs up the phone) Nuh-uh! Actions speak louder than words! Bobby has to see you being nice to her. That's the only way he'll get back together with me! Which is why we're going on a double date!


LORI: It's all been arranged! We have a reservation at Jean Juan's French-Mex Buffet at six! AND YOU! WILL MAKE HER! FEEL! LIKE THE MOST SPECIAL GIRL! IN THE WORLD!

LINCOLN: (gags) I'd rather lick the bathroom...

[Lori picks up the end table and threatens to crush him with it]

LINCOLN: I'll go iron my khakis!


Lincoln: No?

Louis: No?

Lori: NO!?

Lance: Nobody is leaving until this house is clean

Lincoln: (Turns to the camera will a serious look) The khakis will have to wait

Lori: Not. If I. Have anything (screams) TO SAY ABOUT IT!

[Lori all furious picks up the end of the table and threatens to crush Lincoln with it again making him scream in fear]

Lance: OR I DO! (pounces on Lori) COME HERE YOU PUNK!

[Lori and Lance begin to physically fight]


[Louis Pulls Lance away from Lori with minor bruises]


[Lincoln turns to the viewers while Lori and Lance start verbally fighting]

Lincoln: I know. It gets a little extreme when one of your sisters goes through an emotional break down and the other one of your members gets so angry that they fight. But at least the room is clean and (looks at his watch) and that gives me plenty of time to get my ironing done (heads upstairs with a smile)

Louis: Lance, can we work this out? Maybe have Leni to chat with you

Lance: Leni can wait! Right now I gotta end this threat caused by that emotional freak-show ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Lori: Emotional Freak-Show!? YOU'RE the one who's the freak-show! YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME WITH THAT!


Lori: Don't start with that "Oldest" thing Lance. You've always been jealous of me

Lance: ............JEALOUS!?

[Louis pulls back even further but Lance tries to fight back]


[Louis loses his grip and Lance screaming, charges at Lori threatening to hit her again but Lori hugs Lance instead]

Lori: Lance....I...I'm Sorry

Lance: .......What?

Lori: Come on let's get cleaned up

Lance: ....O.....kay

[Later, the two pairs of siblings arrive at the restaurant. Lori and Bobby look happy to see each other, but Lincoln gets nervous.]

LORI: Hi, Bobby.

BOBBY: Hey babe--I mean, Lori. Oh my what happened to you?

Lori: It's a long story [Ronnie Anne rolls her eyes.]

Lori: (whispers to Lincoln) Good luck little bro

LINCOLN: (Breathes in then out) Hi, Ronnie Anne. [Lori gently nudges him with a smile] You're looking lovely this evening.

RONNIE ANNE: Yeah, we weirdos clean up nice. Let's just get this over with

Lincoln: (smiles) Let's

[a few hours went by and the double date was a big success]

Lori: I'm really proud of you Lincoln. Sorry for the trouble

Lincoln: You had to do what you had to do. I just don't know what it's like to feel loved from another female. Well other than you and the other 9 sisters to be...

Lori: [smiles] No worries I literally got it

Leni: Lori, I think you might need to come upstairs

Lori: Don't tell me

Leni: okay I won't

Lori: Lincoln?

Lincoln: I'll be out of the way [winks]

Lori: Thanks

[Lori and Leni head upstairs]

Leni: Lance.......are you alright?

[No reply]

Lori: I got this

[Leni leaves worried then Lori walks up to Lance face down on his bed]

Lori: ...........Hey Lance

Lance: Hey. What are you doing back?

Lori: I just felt like coming home after the date. You alright?

Lance: Yes Doctor Lori. I'm fine. Kinda doing my own you know leaving you to do what you want to do around here

Lori: [sighs], I just wanted to say that....even though we had our ups, downs, twists and turns, I'll always love you cause you're part of our family. I just needed some space.....and now we both got is everything cool with us two?

Lance: ............[Smiles] Literally

Lori: Good. Cause I think we're going to need each other of a big Pizza Party!

Lance: [smiles] YEAH! Now get out of my room

[Lori kisses Lance on the cheek]

Lance: [sarcasticlly] EWW! Gross!

Chp. 10 - Should I stay or should I go?

[Louis and Lance are packing up to leave]

Lance: everything all packed?

Louis: Yep. All set

[the boys carry their suitcases down stairs]

Lincoln: hey guys what's going?

Lance: We just got a call from your parents saying that they're coming home today

Lincoln: You're leaving?

Louis: I'm afraid we are dude

Lincoln: [Turns to the veiwers] There's nothing more heartbreaking than the best bunch of the family leaving after nice time together. Lance, Louis and I sure did have a blast

Leni: Can anybody help me?

Lance: Better go see what that's about *Runs Upstairs with Louis and Lincoln*

Leni: Oh Thank goodness. I got in here to show Lily my fashion magazine, but now I can't get out of this baby prison!" [starts crying]

Lance: Has this happened before?

Lincoln: Oh yes

Louis: Oh we hate to see a grown man cry

Lance: Especially when it's a girl. Don't worry Linc. We got this

[Louis and Lance help Leni out]

Lance: Upsy-daizy

Louis: Up and out

Leni: [grateful] Agoo

Lance: [Smiling] Oh Leni [Tickles Leni]

[Leni giggles and laughs]

Lori: [Glances at the 4 other Louds with a smile] Ahh 3 dogs and a cat. There's litterally nothing better than that

[Tickling and Laughing stops]

Lance: Hey Lori

Lori: Hey guys. Leni got in the "Baby Prison" again?

Lincoln: Yep

Lori: Typical Leni. Literally typical

Louis: Come on Lance We gotta get to the front door so we can shove off



Luna and Lisa: YOU'RE LEAVING!?

Lola and Lana: YOU'RE LEAVING!?


Lilly: poo-poo!?

Lucy: You're Leaving? Sigh. Now I have nothing in my life

[Lilly sadly pulls Louis's pants]

Louis: Aww come here you [picks up Lilly] I know it's a shocker that we have to leave and I'm sad that we'll miss all of you

Lori: We're going to miss both of you to

[The Parents come up to the driveway]

Dad: The Louds are back!

[All the Louds crying for Louis and Lance]

Mom: Oh Look at them. They're gonna miss those two

Dad: Fellas, mind if I talk with you in private?

Linclon, Louis and Lance: Sure thing Dad

[the boys head to the kitchen]

Lori: We literally need to think of a plan to keep them here so they won't have to leave us

Leni: Oh I totes want to keep Lance. He's like a boyfriend but more family like

Lisa: I kinda miss having Louis as my part-time test subject

Lucy: I really didn't mind staying out of the shadows for a while thanks to the boy

[the other girls jump]

Other girls: LUCY!

Lucy: Sorry. Without them, it's a force of habbit

Lola: Who's gonna be my beauty queen coach?

Lana: Who's gonna help with my mud pies?

Luan: My Jokes?

Luna: My Rock?

Dad: My Girls, I got big news. The boys are going to be.....

Girls: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!1

Lori: Please Daddy! We don't want them to leave, it's like litterally a party with them!

Lola: Please, Please, Please, Please PLEASE DON'T SEND THEM AWAY! [SCREAMS]

Dad: Send them away?

Lance: Why would he send us away when we'll be living next door?


Louis: Welcome to Casa de Lance and Louis

All the Louds: OOOOOOOOH

Lori: Hey Look! [Runs to the Trampoline room]

Lincoln: How'd you know?

Louis: [Blushes] uuumm.....I accidentally read her diary by mistake. HEY IT'S NOT MY FAULT, IT'S LIKE SHE WANTED ME TO READ IT

Lance: Anyway, LET'S PARTY!!!!


Lincoln: [to the viewers] So it turns out that my cousins can always visit us and we can visit them. Nothing says a happy ending like a family like happy ending

[zoom out of Lance and Louis's house - END]